GDPR is now in effect! With every day that passes, the risk of waiting increases

Legal requirements | 13. JUN 2018

GDPR has been in effect for


The European General Data Protection Regulation is now in effect. Individuals, who are subject to the processing of their personal data, are not the only ones who can now demand access to this data as well as to have it checked to ensure compliance with the relevant GDPR guidelines. Competitors and cease-and-desist lawyers are also interested in the level of data protection in companies. The repercussions of failing to implement the regulatory requirements within the stipulated period will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

In a front-page article about the EU General Data Protection Regulation, published May 23 in the Berliner Zeitung, the German Federal Data Protection Commissioner Andrea Voßhoff was quoted as saying:

“Fines are the last resort. In selecting which instrument to use, the principle of proportionality applies. Therefore, you needn’t worry if, on one occasion, you accidentally forgot to include some aspect of the data protection criteria.”

We are operating under the assumption that the supervisory authorities understand what an oversight is. This probably does not apply to the regular unencrypted transfer of personal data over a longer period of time. After all, the introduction of encryption solutions is in virtually all companies an essential element in meeting the GDPR requirements. Depending on which type of personal data is being processed, an unprotected transfer of this data can constitute a serious violation of the GDPR requirements. Speed is still of the essence, as in an individual examination by the authorities, any delay in implementing data protection requirements could negatively impact the potential levying of fines.

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