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Packaging manufacturer signs each e-mail to protect against phishing and spam.

Berlin, 30. June 2005

Virtual admin office by Zertificon Solutions protects e-mail communication at Bischof + Klein

Bischof + Klein (B+K Group) is safeguarding each outgoing e-mail with an electronic signature in the interest of more secure e-mail communication. In order to achieve that the European packaging manufacturer is using the Z1 SecureMail Gateway of the Berlin based IT security specialist Zertificon Solutions. This server based solution for e-mail signature and encryption is installed to protect e-mail communication from eavesdropping and for the first time consistently to prevent pishing and spam. Since Z1 SecureMail Gateway centrally protects and unlocks all of an organization’s e-mails, it is alos called “virtual admin office”

Mr. Dieter Schmedt, Director of Information Services at B+K Group, “We wabt to ensure our business partners that electronic post from Bischof and Klein is trustworthy. Therefore we sign all outgoing e-mails. We are using Z1 SecureMail Gateway which protects our entire e-mail communication from falsifications and manipulation.”

In order to provide each e-mail with a proof of origin, the B+K Group has decided to utilize user certificates. The validity of the certificate- and with it the authenticity of the signature- can be shown by all e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, as well as by free mail programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird. With this digital signature an e-mail is protected from unrecognized manipulation. It also allows the receiver to determine with mathematical exactness whether it came from an employee if the B+K Group.

The B+K Group decided on Zertificon’s product because it “satisfies the business administrative aspects, is very compact, and is very easy to implement onto an existing infrastructure. It offers high availability and reliability, can be combined with other IT security systems, and translates our security policy automatically for all users;” said Mr. Schmedt, Director of Information Services.