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Virtual admin office by Zertificon Solutions now with active encryption

Berlin, 12. August 2005

Z1 SecureMail Gateway 2.2 for trustworthy e-mail exchange via the web

Zertificon Solutions GmbH released Version 2.2 of its Z1 SecureMail Gateway. The administration managment of this server based solution for e-mail encryption and signature now contains an option for WebMessengers. This allows a security policy for active encryption and a trustworthy e-mail exchange via insecure data connections and the internet. Version 2.2 is available now.

Until now an organization depended on its business partner when it amied to establish a trustworthy e-mail communication. Sensitive messages could be protected against unauthorized reading only if the communication partner was using PKI technology (S/MIME or PGP key or certificates) or if additional software was installed.

This changed now with Z1 SecureMail Gateway in its new version 2.2. From now on an organization is able to realize its security policy for e-mail encryption actively and independently from its communication partner. Z1 SecureMail Gateway supports trustworthy e-mail exchange via a “secured WebLocker”. The e-mail is stored encoded on the Z1 SecureMail Messenger, a separate server, and sender as well as receiver will be informed via e-mail. Afterwards the receiver can log-in to his personal WebLocker via a browser, read the e-mail, forword it, answer it etc.. The access via the internet is password protected and the data connection is HTTPS-encrypted.

Prospective buyers may experience the functionality of Z1 SecureMail Messenger by a demo system very easily by themself. The only have to send an e-mail to their own e-mail address with a specific syntax. Granted that the own e-mail address is:
firstname.familyname@company.com, they have to send the e-mail to

The sender receives in this test two e-mail messages that describe how to log-in to the “secured WebLocker” and how to read the encrypted transmitted e-mail.