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E-mail – critical to any company

Berlin, 28. August 2006

Zertificon introduces the next generation of Z1 SecureMail Gateway

E-mail is no long a method of communication that you can afford to do without in business. However, at the same time, it has one of the largest risk factors. This can cause damage costing millions without adequate protection. That is why setting up a “virtual mailroom” should be standard for any company. Zertificon presents, with the Z1 SecureMail Gateway 2.4, the next generation of virtual mailroom. This product, a member of the Z1 SecureMail range, functions like a secretary opening and sealing letters. It encrypts and decrypts a company’s complete e-mail traffic while running fully in the background and remaining totally invisible to the sender. The new version contains countless optimised functions and features.