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Power suppliers are now responsible for guaranteeing secure email traffic

Berlin, 24. April 2007

Satisfy the requirements of the Federal Network Agency resolution BK6-06-009- with Zertificon products

The Federal Network Agency resolution BK6-06-009 requires that the transfer of electronic data by all power suppliers within the Federal Republic of Germany conforms to the EDIFACT standard. In this context the legislator also defines the encryption of messages, within the framework of data protection, as a decisive criterion. The Z1 SecureMail product range, developed by Zertificon Solutions GmbH, complies fully with these requirements and, due to their affordability and easy use, is ideal for power and public utility companies as well as their customers.

Since 1998, when the energy market was liberalised, the Federal Network Agency has bemoaned the complexity of this sector, together with the uncertainty, unnecessary high transaction costs and non-existing interoperability. The aim is now to make competition more transparent and ease the Federal Network Agency’s burden by standardising and automating data transfers.

The Federal Network Agency resolution, which comes into effect on 01.08.2007, presents a considerable challenge to all those concerned because a suitable solution has to be found for all business partners and operational areas. The Z1 SecureMail product range fulfils all requirements, whether you are a large company or their customer.

The Z1 SecureMail Easy solution is ideal for small companies and customers because unlike most email encryption solutions it does not require the message recipient to possess public keys or certificates. Zertificon products stand out because they enable a browser-based message exchange to occur using either Z1 WebSafe or Z1 KickMail, which supports a secure exchange using PDFs. These functions guarantee an encrypted email exchange over a secure web link and are ideal for communication partners who do not possess S/MIME or PGP certificates and keys. An exchange of encrypted email is therefore always possible. This is the perfect solution for all providers who are now legally required to guarantee secure and confidential email traffic, but whose clientele is unlikely to own their own security infrastructure.

Zertificon also offers the perfect solution for organisations whose business partners already possess valid X.509 certificates or PGP keys. All Zertificon products work using S/MIME or PGP functions – from Z1 SecureMail Easy, which offers this benefit as an additional option, to Z1 SecureMail Gateway, the central administration “virtual post room” for organisations. External certificate management is provided worldwide for all users of this solution by Zertificon’s unique Z1 Global TrustPoint (www.globaltrustpoint.com). Communication partners can easily find any other Z1 SecureMail customer certificate here. The extensive variety of products and scalability makes this solution attractive for all target groups – power and public utility companies as well as their customers.