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The new version (2.0) of Zertificon’s security solution “Z1 SecureMail Messenger” is released

Berlin, 23. March 2007

Safer email traffic with external communication partners

“Z1 SecureMail Messenger” from Zertificon enables anyone to send confidential email. This solution distinguishes itself from conventional email encryption solutions because no PKI technology or certificates are required in order to securely exchange emails with external communication partners. The message is sent over a web server, via an SSL encrypted HTTPS, instead of by email. Version 2.0 is available now and includes countless new features and optimisations.

Z1 SecureMail Messenger version 2.0 distinguishes itself not only with its simplified usage and automated system software but also with the introduction of many new features. An important feature is that the Messenger will from now on be available as a stand-alone product, which is fully compatible with other Z1 SecureMail solutions. A further innovation is quota support at both client and user levels. The amount of disk space per user for message storage can now be defined. This solution also includes features such as an automated routine for dealing with forgotten passwords, similar to that used by web mailers and shops.

Intelligent Optimisation for Administrators and External Users

A lot of experience and a large amount of customer feedback have enabled us to simplify the application’s operation with version 2.0. This has been made possible by optimising the menu structure for the administrator with extensive filter and management options for accounts, messages and logs. The improvement to the logs makes it very easy to monitor, document and maintain an overview of the business. In addition the application’s usage by external users has also been simplified with a more lean appearance and quicker reaction times. The new version is also characterised by the automation of the system software, which includes optimised high availability and scalability. The backup process can now be automated. The configuration and recovery of a backup is done simply over the GUI. Old messages are archived and/or deleted if the user does not log on for a time.