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Z1 SecureMail product family supports Solaris 10

Berlin, 20. May 2008

Effective immediately, e-mail encryption solutions from Zertificon work with operating system from Sun Microsystems

Effective immediately, the Z1 SecureMail products from Zertificon Solutions GmbH for e-mail encryption are also compatible with Solaris 10. In the future, all Zertificon solutions and their product options can thus be operated under the latest version of the operating system developed by Sun Microsystems. In cooperation with specialised partners, the manufacturer thus offers efficient e-mail encryption for the target group of the platform based on UNIX. Solaris is mainly utilised in medium-size and large enterprises as well as with service providers.

Effective immediately, the Z1 SecureMail Station, the Z1 SecureMail Gateway and the Z1 SecureMail Messenger as well as the Z1 Backbone of Trust CertServer can be operated on Solaris 10. At the same time, all product options such as client capability, ERP and TrustCenter connection as well as support of crypto-hardware (insofar as the hardware manufacturer provides appropriate driver) are available under the new version of the operating system.

Secure e-mail communication for Solaris users

In addition to Solaris 9 users, Solaris 10 users now also obtain the opportunity to profit from the efficient Z1 SecureMail family with the product adaptation. This consists of various solutions for protection of the entire e-mail communication. At the same time, confidential information will be safeguarded through server-based encryption and electronic signature, in which case either password encryption or public key and certificates will be utilised. The products are generally based on international standards such as S/MIME, OpenPGP, HTTPS as well as convenient PDF encryption. The fact that the solutions will meet the requirements of enterprises of any size range is achieved through a high degree of interoperability as well as scalability and modularisation.

The distribution of the Z1 SecureMail product range takes place via qualified Zertificon partners. While doing so, the cooperation with existing SUN partners (system houses) who have specialised in the sectors IT security, PKI and/or e-mail security shall be accelerated. These enterprises have the opportunity to incorporate the Z1 SecureMail solutions in their portfolio as an official partner of Zertificon in order to profit in the SUN environment from the “e-mail encryption and signature” growth market. The licence, price and service models are identical with those for the other available platforms such as the Z1 Appliances or Linux.

The Z1 SecureMail products will soon be available for download as Solaris 10 installation packets in package format. Furthermore, interested parties can enquire about and download evaluation software under www.zertificon.com.