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Zertificon introduces – with Z1 SecureMail 3.1 – the next generation of e-mail encryption

Berlin, 14. April 2008

New product version of the “virtual mailroom” offers an even higher level of security and convenience in the exchange of electronic messages

The Zertificon Solutions GmbH, a producer of e-mail encryption solutions, announces the availability of Z1 SecureMail 3.1. This product family, which consists of the well-known product editions Gateway, Station und Easy, safeguards a company’s e-mail transmissions across the board with its encryption and signature – and, in the process, remains completely invisible to the sender. The new version comes up with an extended functional scope, along with qualitative improvements plus features such as signature confirmation by the user, validation and archiving link for attached documents with a qualified signature – and full-scale compatibility with Solaris 9.

The Z1 SecureMail Gateway 3.1 functions as an SMTP proxy – which then automatically encrypts, decrypts and signs e-mails, as well as verifying signatures. It functions in compliance with S/MIME and OpenPGP, the two internationally established standards for e-mail security, and is compatible to all current e-mail programmes. This product integrates itself seamlessly into existing infrastructures.

Z1 SecureMail 3.1 was expanded to the extent of the function “Signature Confirmation by the User”. Previously, there was a potential security risk, since the older product also affixed signatures to e-mails which had been sent by intra-company users under a false sender address. Therefore, a simple confirmation logic was integrated into the new version. Effective immediately, the sender of the message is prompted by e-mail to explicitly confirm the signature (an optional function). This function can only be performed by the owner of the sender address. This function significantly hinders the sending of forged, signed e-mails.

Another new feature of this product is its validation and archiving link for attached documents – such as i.e., invoices with a qualified signa­ture. The new version recognises, effective immediately, any attachments in incoming e-mails with a qualified signa­ture (SigG/SigV), then validates them and transmits the validation report as an XML file, analogue to GDPDU – along with the e-mail itself – to an existing archiving system.

In addition, Z1 SecureMail 3.1 also offers – along with the Z1 Appliance and Debian Linux – the full-scale compatibility with the operating-sys­tem platform “Solaris 9” (Sparc archi­­tecture) and includes various additional improvements in function, usability and overall quali­ty. The product is available at a starting price of 480 Euro (applicable to five users).