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Zertificon presents new release of the “Z1 SecureMail Messenger 2.3” for the safe exchange of messages

Berlin, 14. August 2008

Supplier introduces even higher levels of security and comfort for its trusted e-mail encryption solution

Zertificon Solutions GmbH presents the new version of its “Z1 SecureMail Messenger”. With its release 2.3, the manufacturer of e-mail encryption solutions offers optimised performance and security of its software for the confidential exchange of electronic information, a task handled by Z1 SecureMail Messenger completely without PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology or certificates as is usually required by conventional solutions. The new version, available as of now, boasts a number of innovative and optimised features, which are even better suited to meet the individual requirements of the customers.

One major feature of the Z1 SecureMail Messenger is the possibility to send confidential messages via PDF. Instead of using complex PKI technology, the e-mail is password-encrypted here. This makes the safe exchange of electronic messages much easier, benefitting in particular companies that also work with private customers, such as banks, insurance companies, tax consultants or lawyers. Another plus is that the solution is ideal not just for the exchange of confidential messages with external communication partners but can also protect internal e-mail communication without problems.

New features for more flexibility and individuality

Next to some improvements with regard to operation, automatic processes, high availability and scalability, Zertificon has provided the new version of the Z1 SecureMail Messenger with optimised functions. This includes, among other things, a virtual host mode as well as the simplified option of adapting the Web GUI and the PDF layout to the corporate design of the client.

The virtual host mode was specially implemented for multi-client operation with data centres and key accounts. Thanks to the support of virtual hosts, it is possible to assign every client with an dedicated web server name on the messenger, making it possible to create individually adapted log-in pages for internal users. This function can be configured optionally. The previous mode, where all clients are created as subdirectories, remains available since it offers the advantages that only one IP and one certificate each are required for operation despite SSL encryption. All this means that Zertificon now offers a solution that provides even more comprehensive compliance with the requirements of smaller and medium-sized companies as well as the special demands of major corporations, data centres and ASPs.

Another improvement of version 2.3 is that the graphic user interface of the messenger in the browser, as well as the layout of the encrypted PDF files, can now be adapted to the corporate design of the clients even more easily. This means that the configuration and design of logos, colours, texts and messages – in several languages if required – can be handled efficiently via the administration interface, eliminating the need for programming through HTML. This gives the solution an individual touch, adding to the higher comfort for the customer.

Z1 SecureMail Messenger is available as a stand-alone product or packaged with the other solutions of the Z1 SecureMail family.