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New generation of e-mail encryption from Zertificon protects businesses from British Big Brother

Berlin, 19. January 2009

UK starts large-scale e-mail monitoring as of March 2009

For reasons of ‘domestic security’, the British government will require all Internet service providers (ISPs) to store information relating to the entire e-mail traffic of the British population from 15 March 2009. This measure, supported by GBP 25 million from the government in Downing Street, also stipulates that e-mails received in the UK from abroad are to be recorded and archived for a one-year period. Zertificon supports companies in protecting the confidentiality of their information; with version 4.0 of its ‘Z1 SecureMail family’, the manufacturer of e-mail encryption solutions guarantees the secure sending and receiving of electronic messages – which prevents unauthorised parties from spying on the information.

Over a year ago, the American Congress authorised the National Security Agency to store and analyse e-mails as part of the fight against terrorism in the US. The UK is now following suit. At the same time, these measures also affect German companies, as each e-mail transmitted between the UK and abroad becomes subject to this legislation. Germany is also continuing to introduce additional monitoring measures, such as the resolution regarding telecommunications data retention. However, companies will be able to ensure that their data is protected by encrypting their entire e-mail traffic.

Secure communications channel

Zertificon’s e-mail encryption solutions in the Z1 SecureMail product family provide effective protection from unauthorised access. In addition to PKI-based protection, they also provide efficient, password-based encryption methods which can even be used for communication partners that do not possess the established S/MIME standard or PGP certificates and keys, thereby enabling everyone to exchange electronic messages in a secure and confidential manner.

The Z1 appliance product family also includes the ‘Z1 SecureMail Gateway’, which functions as a centrally administrable ‘virtual post office’ for large companies and organisations. Due to its compatibility with all current e-mail programs, it can seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructures. In its role as an SMTP proxy, it opens, secures and unlocks the entire e-mail traffic using central encryption and signatures, with the functions being completely transparent to the user. The server-based ‘Z1 Station’ model caters specifically for small and medium-sized businesses that do not possess the infrastructure (PKI) generally required for e-mail encryption. With the Station solution, administration of the certificates and OpenPGP keys of communication partners is outsourced free of charge to Zertificon’s Z1 Global Trust Point (www.globaltrustpoint.com), which guarantees professional e-mail encryption.

The recently released version 4.0 has added a number of new features to the Z1 SecureMail product family. Increased flexibility with regard to configuration and administration means that the two products are now even more user-friendly.