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Zertificon for B2B and B2C e-mail security: New version of the “Z1 SecureMail Messenger” available

Berlin, 29. July 2010

Manufacturer caters for customer requirements by implementing quality enhancements

Businesses that work with personal data are increasingly being threatened by data spies. But even the best e-mail encryption can be meaningless if it is unilateral i.e. if the partner being communicated with does not have the relevant PKI or certificate. However, Zertificon has a solution for such cases in the form of the “Z1 SecureMail Messenger”. Version 2.7 of this application is now available and has again been enhanced in response to practical user experiences.

Making use of the technical possibilities available – this is the basic principle on which the “Z1 SecureMail Messenger” from Zertificon is designed. The technology works entirely without a PKI as it is a purely password-based system. In this respect there are a range of delivery methods, such as password-encrypted via a web browser or as an encrypted attachment e.g. a PDF. Zertificon thus offers a solution for secure communications with all virtual discussion partners and their particular technological requirements.

New version – password and PKI capable

The solution is characterised by its hosting and client capability, the option to operate as a cluster and the extensive opportunities with regard to (account) management. In version 2.7 of the Messenger, Zertificon has reacted to the needs of customers with sometimes high load and availability requirements. A key new feature is the Global Welcome Page. This provides a summarising configuration overview, which allows, for example, even greater optimisation of the client administration. Further enhancements to a range of details provide increased quality, software maturity and convenient management.

The solution is available as a stand alone version as well as in combination with the “Z1 SecureMail Gateway”, which enables communication based on password or PKIbased security.