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Zertificon releases Z1 SecureMail Gateway version 4.5

Berlin, 15. August 2012

Innovations in PKI and password based email encryption solution improve usability

Z1 SecureMail Gateway 4.5 has been released. Zertificon’s proven email encryption solution is now fully IPv6 compatible and comes with an improved attachment signature processing feature that will satisfy the most demanding industry specific requirements. The newly implemented De-Mail connector will give customers with German business connections a head start.

With the new release 4.5 Z1 SecureMail Gateway is IPv6 compatible which means emails can be sent and received via IPv6 environments, if the software is integrated in such environments. The email encryption solution comes with the „De-Mail Connector” that easily connects to the newly established German egovernment communication service „De-Mail”. There is also an improved signature feature within the email attachment processing. When attachments are digitally signed there are no restrictions as to the number of attachments. The one zip archive that is sent along with the email contains all signatures. Z1 SecureMail Gateway also checks incoming emails with signed attachments and verifies the signatures accordingly.

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority

Also with this 4.5 release comes the „Z1 Messenger” update. This product extension handles the entire password encrypted email communication. Even though there are no brand-new Z1 Messenger features in this release, all of the customer feedback has been incorporated so that performance and usability benefit greatly and the already high user acceptance should also increase.

The update is available for appliance customers via GUI. All that needs to be done is a click onto the „update” button.