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Server-based email encryption protects companies against Prism and Tempora

Berlin, 10. July 2013

Against the backdrop of recent revelations about Prism and Tempora, industrial and economic espionage taking place under the guise of counter-terrorism cannot be ruled out. An anonymous source quoted in “the Guardian” maintains that the focus of Tempora is on four issues: “security, terror, organized crime, and economic well-being”. The intercepted data, which is first captured and then evaluated, includes primarily email in addition to telephony meta data.

Unsecured email messages are like postcards in the Internet. They are transmitted via cable connections or wirelessly via radio signal. They can easily be intercepted in large quantities and subsequently viewed using automated processes. If emails are encrypted, they can still be intercepted, but the contents of the email as well as the contents of attached files remain secret.

Protection against Prism and Tempora

Z1 SecureMail Gateway protects
against electronic eavesdropping.

Zertificon, the email encryption specialist, recommends encryption and signature by default for commercial emails whenever possible, as it is currently implemented by many well-known companies. Zertificon has done groundbreaking work in Germany in the area of email encryption. Zertificon’s renowned Z1 SecureMail Gateway was first launched in 2004. The gateway enables server-based email encryption according to the S/MIME and OpenPGP standards that are used internationally for confidential business email exchange. Z1 SecureMail Gateway is therefore compatible with all current encryption solutions that work with keys and certificates. The gateway allows unrestricted access for anti-virus, anti-spam, and DLP programs as well as content filters.

Great emphasis is always placed on ease of use for administrators and users. The policies can be set so that use of the gateway causes no change in email communication for the user. Management of keys and certificates is highly automated. Encryption and signature are automatically applied without any effort on the part of the employee.

For confidential email communication with end customers, the gateway allows the optional set up of encryption via password. Confidential emails can be received as encrypted PDFs, for example. The associated password can be sent via SMS, depending on the configuration. The solution for password-encrypted emails also allows the recipient to send an encrypted reply.

Extensions to the Gateway are available for special use cases such as individual industry specifications (e.g., EDI Energy) or connection to De-Mail. Zertificon has also developed solutions for secure email access via mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Z1 SecureMail Gateway protects companies ranging from SMEs to multinational enterprises and data centers against email-based economic espionage. Zertificon’s Z1 SecureMail Easy is targeted at smaller companies with up to 200 email addresses.

Customers that have used Z1 SecureMail Gateway for years include well-known companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, insurance, and banking, and also most fittingly public authorities.