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Z1 Global TrustPoint Relaunch: New design, improved usability – also for mobile devices

Berlin, 27. March 2013

Z1 Global TrustPoint is a free search engine for x.509 certificates and PGP keys which are used for encryption and digital signatures. The website has been relaunched with a new layout and improved usability especially on mobile devices. The technical foundation is provided by Zertificon’s Z1 CertServer in its current release 3.0.

Publishing certificates with Z1 Global TrustPoint

Z1 Global TrustPoint –
X.509 Certificates and PGP-Keys used for encryption and
signatures can be searched, downloaded, and published.

X.509 certificates issued by trust centers or enterprise CAs or PGP-keys are essential for secure PKI based actions such as email encryption and the verification of signatures. They should be widely spread for an easy workflow. Private users and companies can publish their signature and encryption certificates and keys directly at Z1 Global TrustPoint. Any third party can then find, verify and download the certs and keys which makes the entire Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) concept a whole lot easier and more efficient. Secure LDAP access for common email clients is also provided.

Z1 Globale TrustPoint is permanently connected to more than 150 Certification Authorities (CAs) and directories. The meta search for x.509 certificates and PGP keys in all connected directories is performed in parallel. The real time verification is processed using stored CA certificates, Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) and via Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP). Server, desktop, and mobile applications can access Z1 Global TrustPoint via various application interfaces.

Z1 Globalt TrustPoint provides efficiency for people and applications exposed to PKI environments. The numbers of published certificates as well as the number of established CA and LDAP directory connections is constantly rising, which makes the service more attractive with every addition.

Improved cluster capability and flexible configurations

The technology behind Z1 Global TrustPoint is Zertificon’s Z1 CertServer – a comprehensive certificate server solution for larger PKI environments – whose new version 3.0 comes with improved overall performance, improved cluster technology, new APIs and a new elastic design, which improves usability also on mobile devices.