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Zertificon’s new G-Series Z1 Appliance:Up to 61% faster and with a lower-cost entry point

Berlin, 20. August 2013

The Berlin-based IT security specialist Zertificon is releasing the new G-Series Z1 Appliances. The G-Series is switching to the newest Intel XEON processor generation with a performance increase of up to 61%, and there is a new, less expensive entry-level model for SME and SOHO customers. The hardware will continue to be purchased from a manufacturer active in the global market. This will ensure that the operation of Z1 Appliances and the guarantee behind them remains at the high level to which customers have become accustomed.

Z1 Appliances are complete, pre-configured systems for the efficient and trouble-free operation of all Z1 products. This includes not only Z1 SecureMail Gateway for PKI- or password-based email encryption, but also the Z1 SecureHub for easy and secure large file transfer and the Z1 CertServer, a universally-deployable PKI server for certificate and key management.

Email encryption Z1 Appliance

Z1 Appliance G-Series SMA 500 & SMA1000

The above solutions are available for productive use with the newG-Series of Z1 Appliances in a minimum of time. Later, updates and security fixes or even backups can be carried out with one click in the time-tested Z1 Appliance Management Software with web-based graphical administration interface. Time-consuming, error-prone configurations via the command line will not be necessary. The server’s management software allows access for remote maintenance and offers graphically enhanced current status messages. Appliances are available exclusively with full service and support including a ”next business day” exchange service.

The new G-Series does not visually differ from the modern design of the previous series. Inside, however, it contains the latest generation of Intel XEON processors. The increased efficiency is accompanied by minimized energy consumption. All models in the G-Series have redundant hot-plug hard drives and their memory can be flexibly extended. Moreover, all Z1 Appliances now come equipped with RAID controllers, which ensure the system stability needed for productive use. Previously a demo, testing and staging system, the SMA 500 is priced as the new low-cost entry-level model for SME and smaller offices.

Z1 Appliances are available as virtual machines for virtualization infrastructures.