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Z1 Messenger 3.2 Release: Easy Instant Encrypted Email Exchange with Anyone on any Device

Berlin, 27. January 2014

Berlin-based e-mail encryption expert Zertificon has completed its 3.2 release of the Z1 Messenger component of the Z1 SecureMail Gateway. The Z1 Messenger component provides the means for instant encrypted e-mail communication with anyone. The new version offers universal support for mobile devices and significantly simplified administration, and it is even more user-friendly than before.

Secure communication normally requires the recipient to have access to public-key infrastructure (PKI). But that cannot be guaranteed in every situation where it is needed. This is typically an issue in business-to-consumer communication. In these situations, the tried-and-trusted Z1 SecureMail Gateway uses its Z1 Messenger component as a complement to certificate-based encryption. Z1 Messenger provides secure and intuitive infrastructure on an ad hoc basis to allow encrypted communication with any e-mail address. For example, the recipient may receive the message as a password-protected Z1 KickMail PDF, or it may be stored for them in the secure Z1 WebSafe. The software also allows easy encrypted replies.

Z1 Messenger: Password encrypted mails

Z1 Messenger –
encrypted emails on a mobile device

Its automated password management makes password-based encryption with Z1 Messenger particularly efficient and highly secure even for large numbers of users. Passwords can be transmitted automatically by SMS, while users can reset forgotten passwords themselves. So there is no need to contact a help desk. State-of-the-art cryptography processes guarantee high security. For the actual encryption, keys with a key length of AES-256 are generated from the passwords.

Version 3.2 introduces universal support for all mobile devices, from iOS and Android to BlackBerry, with all available delivery procedures such as Z1 KickMail PDF or Z1 WebSafe. This enables private communication at any time, from anywhere.

Normally, the delivery of an encrypted message does not involve the sender much. Z1 Messenger, however, offers a mail tracking feature that goes beyond traditional read receipts. The sender of a confidential message is automatically notified of the delivery status and can also proactively access the status of sent e-mails at any time using the Message Tracking function. Z1 Messenger 3.2 also contains a solution for the automatic evaluation of Delivery Status Notifications (DSNs) and for their immediate delivery direct to the internal sender.

With Version 3.2, operation of the software is now child’s play for administrators. The admin frontend conveniently allows you to adjust all functions. This includes text resources and GUI themes, logos, colors and CSS commands. Access to the console is no longer necessary. The reporting process has been extended to include all conceivable uses and can be exported to a variety of formats with just one click.

Like all other Z1 products, Z1 Messenger is run virtually maintenance-free on a Z1 appliance (hardware or virtual platform), and so incurs hardly any no follow-up costs.

The Z1 Messenger Release 3.2 will be available from the end of January.