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Easy centralized email encryption for businesses:
Z1 SecureMail Gateway 4.8 and Z1 Certserver 3.2 released

Berlin, 04. March 2015

Version 4.8 of the email encryption software Z1 SecureMail Gateway and version 3.2 of the PKI certificate server Z1 CertServer are immediately available. The Berlin based IT security specialist Zertificon has further simplified the use of business email encryption for end users and administrators.

Based upon a flexible and configurable set of policies, the Gateway automatically signs and encrypts outgoing mails and decrypts and validates signatures for incoming mails. Employees no longer have to worry about email encryption and can focus on their day-to-day tasks instead. The centralized certificate management ensure an efficient processing of email traffic and removes the need for manual searching, validation and publishing of X.509 certificates and PGP public keys.

Z1 CertServer Portal: Validation

Z1 CertPortal Validation

Version 4.8 extends the monitoring possibilities and the policy settings in the administration interface. Alongside the improved usability, the Z1 SecureMail Gateway architecture now features the support of plug- in connectors to provide direct communication for example with 3rd party email systems such as the “De-Mail” in Germany.

Z1 CertServer now provides the new CA-Scope feature which now makes the inclusion of company CAs safer.

Z1 CertServer version 3.2 which is integrated into the Z1 SecureMail Gateway or available as a standalone deployment, has been extended with a new validation function (CA-Scope) which, for the first time enables the direct inclusion of lesser known issuing Certificate Autho- rities (CAs). By using the CA-Scope, the administrator is able to define and limit the domains to only those for which the CA is permitted to issue certificates. This new feature prevents certificates which may have been issued by a CA for a different domain from being validated (e.g. for industrial espionage). In the future, the same feature will improve the inclusion of CAs into www.globaltrustpoint.com – Zertificon’s publicly accessible Z1 CertServer.