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Going stateside – Zertificon debuts at the RSA

Berlin, 10. April 2015

Europe’s leader in enterprise level email encryption and certificate management solutions will be presenting its flagship end-to-end products and building new relationships with international partners.

Zertificon will be exhibiting for the first time at the renowned RSA security conference in San Francisco. The Berlin based company is well known throughout Europe for its popular email encryption, signature and certificate management solutions for corporate security as well as the globaltrustpoint.com portal for searching certificates and public keys.

Zertificon Z1 SecureMail End2End

Alongside the established server based products for email security, Zertificon will be showcasing its new flagship solutions for state-of-the-art “Organizational” & “Personal” End2End encryption which elegantly combine server-based and client-side technologies.

Using end-to-end encryption within a company as recommended by many IT security experts raises many challenges, especially when mobile devices are used for business emails. Balancing watertight end-to-end encryption with business requirements and government regulations is solved by Zertificon’s Organizational End2End and Personal End2End products.

Transparent end-to-end encryption for end-users is delivered by combining Zertificon’s highly popular Z1 SecureMail Gateway with the new Z1 SecureMail End2End solution.

Security & Flexibility: Security is delivered by S/MIME encryption directly from employee client devices and throughout the organizational network, preventing any eavesdropping by infrastructure providers or hackers.

Flexibility is achieved by gateway re-encryption which enables content filters as well as anti-virus/anti-spam scanning. Emails are finally encrypted using the recipients’ preferred method from OpenPGP & S/MIME to key-less password based delivery.

Where high-security is required, Personal End2End delivers a true end-to-end encryption solution based upon S/MIME which prevents any access to the email content. By combining Z1 products, dedicated users or groups can take advantage of both Organizational and Personal End2End directly from their email clients.

High user acceptance is key to security. The optional Z1 MyCrypt email client plug-in or mobile app delivers end-to-end encryption into the users’ hands and guarantees full compliance.

Zertificon is proud to bear the “IT Security Made in Germany” quality seal which gives clients and partners the assurance that all products conform to stringent German data protection laws. All software is designed and developed in-house in Berlin. Zertificon’s established and new cutting-edge products offer US and international partners the opportunity to serve untapped high value markets.

Meet Zertificon at the German Pavilion North Expo, 4020/2 from April, 20th-24th Moscone Exhibition Center, San Francisco. Free RSA expo pass codes are available from Zertificon. For more information visit: www.zertificon.com/en/rsa-2015.