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Rise in error rate threatens corporate security during year-end business period

Berlin, 16. December 2016

For most companies, December is a busy period for offers and deals – but it’s also a great time for industrial spies, with increased amounts of sensitive data to intercept. This makes it more important than ever now to ensure that any information intercepted by cyber-criminals cannot be exploited.

One effective way to do this is to have communications professionally encrypted. The key point here is that the greater the degree of automation, the less vulnerable IT security is to errors resulting from an increase in the quantity of data.

The error rate rises with the increase in the number of emails

Working under pressure leads to mistakes.
This may affect IT Security when employees are in control.

When the responsibility for encryption lies with employees, however, the error rate rises with the increase in the number of emails needing to be processed. Not even the most thorough training to raise awareness of security issues can counter this. The processes for encrypting emails are very complex and error-prone when employees have to provide and validate encryption certificates for communication partners themselves. And forwarding of keys and passwords is not scalable either. A system that involves employees as an active part of confidential email communication is prone to rapid collapse at peak times in particular.

Once correctly set up, a Z1 SecureMail Gateway will reliably execute the processes configured,” says Dr Burkhard Wiegel, founder and managing director of the Berlin-based encryption specialists Zertificon. He adds: “Our portfolio even contains a convenient solution with no risk of operating error for confidential data which is too big for an email attachment.”

Anyone who has no time to acquire and set up a gateway solution this year can go to the inquiry form and start preparing for a year-end free from security worries in 2017.

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