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Zertificon offers investment security for corporate email communication

Berlin, 14. April 2016

Across all industry segments, companies and organizations have to meet certain compliance criteria for secure electronic communication. There are regulations that are industry specific and others that affect everyone such as data privacy laws.

Investment security in secure email communicationAlongside adhering to the legal requirements, businesses strive to achieve efficient and non-repudiant communication processes in their very own interest especially when it comes to confidential company data. The solution: automatically encrypt all email communication.

International standards for interoperability

Investing in a secure email gateway made in Germany is a future proof investment thanks to Germany’s strict data protection laws (see here). Zertificon is based in the very heart of Germany’s IT capital in Berlin and our clients have been encrypting their emails and securing their communication for over ten years with the help of our Z1 SecureMail Gateway. From the very beginning, Zertificon relied on international standards such as S/MIME and OpenPGP, which are rated as being very secure by the most senior IT security experts worldwide. Special software modules which meet industry specific requirements can be licensed as needed.

Secure Emails for end consumers

A key factor in Z1 SecureMail Gateway’s success is the optional extension for password based encryption. This feature allows the instant exchange of encrypted emails even with recipients who do not have any encryption tools available. The recipient can choose whether an email reaches their inbox as an encrypted PDF or they can use a secure webmailer account. All the end consumer needs is an activation PIN which usually is sent by SMS.┬áZ1 SecureMail Gateway delivers easy email encryption with each and every recipient.

Since emails are not the only data which need protection, Zertificon’s customers requested a secure large file transfer solution. With Z1 SecureHub Zertificon fulfilled this request with a secure and efficient solution which integrates fully into common email clients. As can be expected, all Z1 solutions can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile platforms.
And unless encryption gets totally banned all Zertificon’s products are a secure investment for the future. Whenever there have been new regulations for security in electronic communication, they were implemented before their coming force.