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Zertificon Solutions and QuoVadis announce partnership

Berlin, 16. May 2017

Automated certificate procurement via Z1 SecureMail Gateway

The Berlin-based e-mail encryption specialists Zertificon Solutions and the Swiss certificate authority QuoVadis have entered into a partnership. QuoVadis e-mail certificates can now be acquired and administered automatically via Zertificon’s encryption solution Z1 SecureMail Gateway.

One of the biggest challenges for companies as far as e-mail encryption is concerned is certificate management – including the provision of certificates for their own staff. Zertificon’s solutions therefore focus on high levels of automation for certificate-based e-mail encryption, so users have no contact with certificates when using the Z1 SecureMail Gateway. And now there are no longer any administration costs involved with the automated issuing of certificates. The encryption is extremely efficient and provides the best possible prevention of human error.

Strong partners – Zertificon Solutions and QuoVadis

Zertificon’s Z1 SecureMail Gateway now also contains an interface to QuoVadis in addition to its connections to other certificate authorities. The interface can automatically issue, renew and, if necessary, withdraw e-mail certificates for employees as required. The QuoVadis root CA is already pre-installed in the keystores, ruling out the likelihood of any problems with acceptance. With the high degree of automation in standardized processes, QuoVadis e-mail gateway certificates can be offered at unusually attractive terms significantly below 10 euros per year. Billing takes place directly through Zertificon. Participating companies benefit from highly secure e-mail encryption plus certificates, all conveniently provided from a single source.

Z1 SecureMail Gateway secures all e-mail traffic for companies and institutions centrally and in accordance with company-wide guidelines. It works like a virtual mail office: e-mails for employees and systems are automatically encrypted and decrypted, signed and the signatures of incoming e-mails checked.

QuoVadis is an internationally accredited specialist for certification services and a solutions provider for electronic signatures. QuoVadis certificates are rated trustworthy by common e-mail programs all over the world, and allow business e-mails to be designated confidential, unalterable and unique.

Zertificon is delighted with the partnership and the opportunity to become the only German manufacturer to offer the internationally recognized QuoVadis certificates directly via gateway integration.

Further information about Zertificon and QuoVadis can be found under the menue item Certificate authorities and at quovadisglobal.de.

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