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Digitalization for corona prevention – emergency aid: Z1 CryptNow a free encryption tool for secure data exchange

Berlin, 17. March 2020

The corona virus is driving digitalization. Many companies are now introducing home office for their employees, but this is not always planned in advance. IT security can easily slip out of the hands of those responsible. With the sudden introduction of home office, the risk increases that confidential data is sent by email or stored in the cloud without encryption. As an emergency aid, companies and employees can easily prevent bad consequences with the free and easy-to-use encryption tool Z1 CryptNow.

Criminals see an opportunity in every crisis. Due to increasing digitalization, data traffic is on the rise. Unprotected data is intercepted and automatically analyzed. The captured information is sold and serves as the basis for attacks – immediately or years later. Cyber criminals have immediate success if login data is transmitted unencrypted by email. Accounts do not even need to be cracked. Unauthorized participants might show up in your online conferences.

Companies and their employees should think carefully about what data they are transferring unsecured over the Internet. Zertificon’s free Z1 CryptNow app encrypts your data for transmission via email or for cloud transfer. Z1 CryptNow was originally developed for private use, but business use is permitted as well. As an emergency aid in a crisis, the app is simple, fast and universally useful for encryption. The recipient only needs the ubiquitous Adobe PDF Reader and the password to decrypt.

In order to make digitalization secure in the long term, company managers should make some time to get informed about professional encryption solutions for business communication. Even during the Corona crisis, Zertificon offers companies and public authorities fast solutions for email encryption and secure file transfer in purely digital form, for example as a pre-installed solution from the Azure Cloud.

Find further information at cryptnow.com and zertificon.com.