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Patent Attorneys WSl Patentanwaelte Logo

Knowledge protected! Secure client data thanks to email encryption by Zertificon

The patent attorneys at WSL Patentanwälte are handling inventions and valuable knowledge on a daily basis. So in 2013, they decided to encrypt all emails leaving their office – automatically, highly efficiently and very user friendly – with the email encryption software from Zertificon.

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Private Psychiatric Clinic Dr. med Kurt Fontheim Logo

Private Psychiatric Clinic Dr. med Kurt Fontheim embraces secure email communication

Clinics, care homes and other health-care institutions are continuously communicating confidential patient data with insurance companies and government agencies. “We need to communicate with insurance companies and agencies using encrypted emails, even when the recipient doesn’t own an S/MIME certificate or PGP key” explained Jörg Rösch, IT manager at the clinic.

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WestLotto Logo

Security isn’t a lottery! – Germany’s WestLotto protects lottery data with email encryption

West German Lottery (WestLotto) is a trustworthy and reputable gambling company and takes its security and confidentiality responsibilities very seriously. The company rules dictate that all lottery and player data is protected from manipulation and theft. Consequently it was a logical decision to encrypt all emails. When WestLotto became aware of Zertificon’s Z1 SecureMail Gateway encryption solution in 2002, the impact that this discovery would have for Germany and European lottery providers couldn’t have been forseen.

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LVM Insurance Logo

Email encryption at LVM Insurance

“For our email encryption we looked for a solution which, alongside S/MIME and OpenPGP offered alternative ways to communicate confidentially. Z1 SecureMail Gateway in combination with the Z1 SecureMail Messenger component for password based email encryption provides us with the widest possible range of secure communication methods which we can offer our external communication partners.”

Daniel Timmerhindrick, Department for IT-Infrastructure / Application Security

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Senate Department Logo

Senate plays it safe with e-business processes

Within Berlin’s Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues email plays a central role with sensitive information being transferred on a daily basis. A solution which guarantees the encrypted and signed transmission of email messages is fundamental for the electronic business processes. To meet this challenge, the senate department, in agreement with the state technology center (ITDZ) deployed the “Z1 SecureMail” product suite from Zertificon.

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Hannover Re Insures Email Security

Compliance is a core business principle and has the highest priority at Hannover Re. IT security is a key driver and led the globally active re-insurer to choose the email encryption solution Z1 SecureMail Gateway with the Z1 SecureMail Messenger component from Zertificon Solutions. This package covers PKI based encryption as well as user-friendly secure delivery methods for recipients without encryption certificates.

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Allianz Suisse Logo

Secure email communication at Allianz Suisse

The finance and insurance industries entered the Internet Age long ago. Paper has been largely replaced by electronic documents and personal and financial data is generally no longer sent by post or fax, but rather by email. These confidential communications require security measures that meet both employee and customer needs and support efficient work flows. Driven by these requirements, Allianz Suisse decided to implement a centralized encryption solution.

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Bischof + Klein Logo

Wrapped & Packed: Bischof+Klein secures every email using Z1 SecureMail Gateway

“By signing all outgoing emails, we want to show our business partners that electronic mail from Bischof and Klein can be trusted. We’ve deployed Z1 SecureMail Gateway which protects all emails against forgery and manipulation.”

Michael Ebbeler, Director of Information Services

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Z1 SecureMail Gateway at the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

“Based upon our requirements, we investigated a range of solutions from different suppliers and in the end, selected Z1 SecureMail Gateway from Zertificon. The software supported the key standards, is simple to administer and integrates easily into our architecture. With the help of the supplier, the installation and configuration process ran without any issues.”

Dr. Malte Borcherding, IT Security Manager, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

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Main Kinzig County Council Logo

Main-Kinzig County Council: eGovernment with secure Email

“We needed a solution to send confidential emails to recipients with both S/MIME and PGP clients. However, it is difficult to set up an in-house client based solution. Z1 SecureMail Gateway is great software. It automatically manages all security tasks including encryption and digital signing. The administration interface simplifies certificate management and setting up policies. The end users on the other hand do not have to worry about security at all”.

Kevin Kuntz, System Administrator at Main-Kinzig county council

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uniVersa Insurance Logo

Z1 SecureMail Gateway at uniVersa Insurance

“We’ve been using Z1 SecureMail Gateway since 2003, which probably made us the first insurance company in Europe to establish email encryption for all our employees. We decided to purchase this solution because we could centrally implement our company security policies and continue to use our existing anti-virus and content filter systems. In addition we were able to install the solution in a single day.”

Christian Knauer, Head of Network and Communication Technology

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