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Technology Partners

Our partners – your advantage


Utimaco ranks among the industry leaders in cryptographic security of critical infrastructures. The German company has been developing Hardware Security Modules (HSM) since 1983. For Z1 Energy MarketCommunication customers, Zertificon provides a technical integration to a Utimaco HSM.

Utimaco Logo

Gemalto (SafeNet HSM)

Gemalto is a global leader in information security. Gemalto provides complete security utilizing its encryption technologies to protect communications, intellectual property and digital identities. They offer a full spectrum of products including hardware, software, and chips.

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Governikus develops and implements eGovernment solutions for national, regional and local governments based on modern signature, encryption and payment technologies. Governikus supports a full variety of public administration activities, ranging from reporting to public procurement. Z1 SecureMail Gateway “Governikus Edition”, a Governikus compatible product for email encryption, is the result of our partnership with Governikus. Governikus is a modular software solution (middleware) designed to meet eGovernment requirements. It comprises to a large extent open source products and modern Internet communication standards (especially XML and OSCI) and is JAVA implemented. Governikus enables secure transfer and digital signatures for legally binding declarations as well as end-to-end email encryption.

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Kryptus is a Solution Provider for information security with 16 years of history. Kryptus is a Brazilian independent company that has grown consistently for more than a decade. For Kryptus is security more than protecting, it is also enabling the new. Kryptus delivers to its customers a secure environment for their current and future operations, keeping them ahead of adversaries and threats, so that innovation is constant, to generate and enhance new opportunities. Kryptus offers tailor-made solutions, in the form of projects that integrate hardware, software and services, with the latest technology at competitive prices. Whether to innovate for compliance reasons or risk aversion.

Main solutions:

  • Encryption: HSM – Hardware Security Module
  • Security on digital identity
  • Cybersecurity Services: 360 security assessement and pentest
Kryptus Logo
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