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Certificate Authority Partnerships

Adding trust with valued partners

Certification Authorities – trustworthy partners for PKIs

Certificate Authorities build the trust which makes the Internet safe. The commercial or public organizations are trusted 3rd parties and are a fundamental element in PKI infrastructures. They issue digital certificates which are essential for email encryption and digital signatures:

  • Certify public X.509 keys
  • Publicize X.509 certificates in directory listing (LDAP)
  • Manage and execute certificate revocations (revocation service)
  • Publish revocation lists (CRL’s and/or OCSP servers)
  • Optional services e.g. time stamping

One-Stop-Shop: top solutions with top conditions

You automatically benefit from Zertificon’s long term relationships with numerous Certificate Authorities and our special reseller conditions which we pass on directly to you. Take advantage of turn-key solutions and services directly from specialists for encryption and certificate management.

Integrated Certificate Authority Connections with Z1 SecureMail Gateway

Z1 SecureMail Gateway includes the Z1 SecureMail CA Connector for interfacing directly with Certificate Authorities. The CA Connectors enables the automatic issuing, revoking and renewal of S/MIME certificates for internal users. CA Connectors are easily controlled and configured for individual groups, users and domains using the powerful policies. A whole range of Certificate Authorities including in-house PKIs (Microsoft CA etc) and onboard CA’s can all be used at the same time.

Out of the box Certificate Authority Connections:

SwissSign AG

SwissSign AG is a recognized Certificate Service Provider according to ZertES and offers qualified certificates, trusted SSL certificates, Email certificates and managed PKI solutions.

SwissSign Logo

T-TeleSec MailPass

The T-Systems Certificate Authority T-TeleSec MailPass provides the infrastructure and service for issuing & managing encryption and signing certificates.

Logo Telesec


D-Trust provides legally compliant and certified trust services, including digital certificates and electronic signatures. These services meet the highest security standards of modern infrastructures and enable secure digital identities for companies, public authorities, and private individuals.

D-Trust Logo


Sectigo is one of the world’s largest and longest-standing Certificate Authorities (CA), trusted by more than 700,000 customers, including 36% of the Fortune 1000, offering an industry-leading portfolio of digital certificates.

Sectigo Logo

GÉANT Trusted Certificate Service

The TCS (Trusted Certificate Service) is a PKI offering that the Association to Promote a German Education and Research Network (Verein zur Förderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes e.V) obtains through GÉANT. GÉANT is the collaboration of European National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) that jointly delivers an information ecosystem of infrastructures and services to advance research, education, and innovation on a global scale.


Atos Trustcenter

For 20 years, the Atos Trustcenter covers the whole bandwidth of PKI-services.

Atos Logo


A-Trust is an Austrian Certificate Authority that certifies the identity of communication partners in electronic communication.

A-Trust Logo

We will be glad to interface with your chosen Certificate Authority if required.

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