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Only Z1 SecureMail has CertMagic®

Email certificate management is time-consuming and error-prone.
With Z1 SecureMail, it works like magic – CertMagic®

Certificate management in companies is a full-time job

Anyone who wants to sign and encrypt emails uses certificates. This usually takes a lot of time.

Consumes resources continuously

Managing your own and your communication partners’ certificates manually is extremely time-consuming and makes encryption prone to errors.

Internal & external certificates

Admins have to take care of two certificate worlds. The effort involved increases exponentially with the number of employees and the number of external contacts.

Lifecycle management

Each user typically has multiple certificate changes. This means that replacement certificates must be constantly requested and exchanged somewhere.

Z1 SecureMail manages email certificates automatically with CertMagic®

CertMagic® is based on years of experience, specialized knowledge, innovative tools and partnerships with trust centers.

Highest level of automation

The lifecycle management of keys and certificates runs automatically in the background. Employees are unaware of the processes and admins are relieved of as much work as possible. If you already have experience with certificate management, it can feel like magic when you no longer have to deal with it.

  • Employees send and receive emails as usual
  • Administrators have 80% less work with email certificate management
  • Your contacts benefit from the smooth exchange of certificates
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How does CertMagic® supports in everyday work/business communication

A new employee is hired and needs a certificate

The certificate is available even before the employee unpacks their new laptop. When the new employee is created in Z1 SecureMail, a certificate is automatically issued.

  • Procurement of certificates with just a few clicks via Zertificon
  • Connection to renowned trust centers e.g. SwissSign, Deutsche Telekom Security, D-Trust, Sectigo, Géant TCS
  • Your employees’ certificates are published automatically and can be found by third parties on the Z1 Global TrustPoint

This email should be encrypted. Where can I find the recipient’s certificate?

If your communication partner has made their certificate publicly available, it will be found automatically.

Employees send emails as usual. Thanks to CertMagic®, Z1 SecureMail can always encrypt with a valid certificate from the recipient.

Can I trust this email?

Z1 SecureMail signs your emails and checks incoming signatures automatically. It finds the necessary certificate with the help of CertMagic. Your employees can immediately see whether the email really comes from the expected source and whether it has been modified.

  • Certificates for the verification of incoming signatures will be found and verified
  • Incoming emails contain easy-to-understand information on the trustworthiness of an email
  • You protect yourself and your communication partners

My communication partner has a new certificate

CertMagic® automatically identifies a certificate change. There is no need for personal arrangements with communication partners. Searching for, validating and saving certificates simply runs automatically in the background.

  • Manages your certificates and those of your communication partners
  • Automates the exchange of certificates
  • Ensures that expired or revoked certificates are not used anywhere

Z1 Global TrustPoint: the connected search engine for certificates

Communication partners can benefit from CertMagic®. The reference to Z1 Global TrustPoint also makes encryption easier for your contacts. Certificates are found automatically.

Z1 Global TrustPoint by Zertificon is a leading directory for email certificates. Z1 SecureMail connects you directly to it and your certificates are published automatically. Your external communication partners can also publish certificates via the freely accessible portal. CertMagic® automatically searches for external certificates in the directory.

Search engine for certificates

Z1 SecureMail

The only encryption solution powered by CertMagic®

There are many email gateways and client applications that are capable of encryption and signing at a high technical level. However, systems without CertMagic® are relatively helpless when it comes to certificate management.

SecureMail offers these unique advantages:

  1. Highest level of automation in certificate management
  2. No employee training necessary / high usability for administrators
  3. High level of planning and cost transparency: You book the number of valid certificates in a period. During this period, you can change as many certificates as you like within your contingent. Employee turnover, parental leave, etc. no longer lead to extra work and costs.
  4. Easy subscription model with attractive prices
  5. Always up to date: We keep an eye on the constantly changing CA and certificate regulations for you. As a member of the S/MIME working group of the CA Browser Forum, we are involved in the discussion and implement necessary adjustments in good time.

Practical example of a certificate exchange

When it gets complex, costs arise. Security and privacy are compromised

Standard gateways send email requests to communication partners 30 days before the valid certificate expires, asking them to send the new certificate in a signed email. This is rarely successful on the first try, as the employee often does not even know that a certificate exists for them and how to send it. This is a classic case for the service desk, resulting in avoidable costs for both the company and the communication partner.

No encryption without a certificate

The service desk ticket is often not even created because internal instructions are ignored when employees are overwhelmed. Encryption and signature checks are dispensed with in the interests of an undisturbed process. Protection with Z1 SecureMail can be so simple.

Questions? – Visit our live product webinar with demo

Find out more about email encryption and certificate management with CertMagic® in the Z1 SecureMail Gateway in our demo webinar. Ask your questions live.

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