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Zertificon White Papers

Learn about the latest mail encryption technology and gain new insights

End-to-End Email Encryption for Enterprises

How end-to-end encryption for email is defined and easily implemented in enterprise infrastructures

End-to-end encryption is the standard form of email encryption for private users. For companies, however, it is difficult to implement and mostly not even desired in its purest form. This white paper explains the different perspectives and presents solutions. It is indeed possible to combine the advantages of end-to-end encryption with the needs and compliance guidelines of companies.

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White paper: End2End Encryption

Secure email in times of rising mobile communication

Applied cryptography: Certificates, Gateways & End-to-End Encryption

This white paper explains the basic concepts of public key infrastructures and their use for email encyption. It introduces server based encryption concepts as well as the latest technologies in corporate end-to-end email encryption.

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White paper: Secure Email
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