Zertificon Secure Email Policy

I want to exchange secure emails with Zertificon…

…and use S/MIME or OpenPGP

You can find the certificate of your Zertificon contact at Z1 Global TrustPoint.

For gateway-to-gateway encryption use our company certificates (S/MIME or OpenPGP).

For us to encrypt our emails to you, simply publish your certificates at Z1 Global TrustPoint or send us a signed email with your certificate attached. Certificates issued from unknown CAs and trust centers cannot be validated. Please get in touch with us so that we can see whether we can add the CA to our repository.

… and don‘t have any options to encrypt

For secure communication without certificates please get in touch with your Zertificon contact. They will give you access to our Z1 SecureMail solution.

How do I know that the email I received really is from Zertificon?

Zertificon emails are sent from the domain “zertificon.com”. Our newsletters come from the subdomain “lists.zertificon.com”.

All emails sent from us are signed and use DKIM, SPF and DMARC.

I want to send a file or a large amount of data to Zertificon

Emails larger than 30 MB will be rejected.

To securely transfer large files please ask your contact person at Zertificon for an upload link to our Z1 SecureHub.

Do not send us executable files, scripts or macros

All attachments from incoming emails that could potentially contain maicious content (viruses etc.) will be deleted. Please convert your documents to  PDF or CSV files before sending them.

Zip archives and PDFs with attachments will only be accepted if all contained file types comply with our email policy.

Microsoft Office files with macros will be deleted. Learn how to  delete macros from documents..