Secure large file transfer

secure large file transfer

send data instantly, easily and securely

universal browser support

no registration or software installation

retain your data on-site – not in the cloud

Sending large files

Z1 SecureHub encrypts large files for secure data transfer. Be it graphics, videos or whole databases, no matter what data format you want to exchange, Z1 SecureHub is the easy and secure on-premise FTP alternative. Give your employees and business partners instant access to bi-directional secure large file transfer without any complex software installation. Send and receive sensitive data with the assurance that it cannot be accessed by 3rd parties. Data protection and compliance including GDPR are supported with log-file evidence.

Secure Managed File Transfer made in Germany

Z1 SecureHub is focused on usability and security. Zertificon’s products bear the “IT Security made in Germany” quality seal guaranteeing security throughout the complete product portfolio. If you choose to pay with your data, you are most certainly paying too much and you are not GDPR compliant. 

IT-Security Made in Germany encryption according to german data security standards

How does it work?

Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT)

send and receive Large Files securely with Z1 SecureHub

Z1 SecureHub is a secure FTP alternative. High security and privacy are guaranteed through the use of proven encryption techniques. Uploads and downloads are protected by secure transport protocols and files are encrypted by Z1 SecureHub within the company network, preventing any unencrypted data from ending up on external servers.

Access to Z1 SecureHub can be managed on the basis of directory entries. External users can be given full access to the system to streamline communication in longer projects. Z1 SecureHub administration is easy and fully browser based. Admins have access to detailed monitoring data. Z1 SecureHub comes with German and English language packs. For the user interface and notifications other languages can be easily added.

Low Total Cost of Ownership through Z1 Appliance deployment

Z1 SecureHub runs on a Z1 Virtual Appliance. Managed Security Providers can operate Z1 SecureHub as a secure Cloud Service permitting economical integration into IT infrastructures for companies of all sizes.

Z1 SecureHub Key Facts

  • On-premises large file transfer solution
  • Web-based interface – no end-user installation required
  • High user acceptance through intuitive and simple usability
  • Instantly available for all employees and business partners
  • Flexible security levels
  • Extensive user file management
  • Full functionality for selected external contacts
  • Easy customizing and language options
  • GDPR Compliance 
  • Optional plugin Z1 MyCrypt BigAttach
Z1 SecureHub: Upload large files
Data upload progress bar – Z1 SecureHub Portal

Z1 MyCrypt add-ins and apps

Apps & Plug-ins for data transfer

With Z1 MyCrypt, large email attachments can be automatically transferred using the power and security of Z1 SecureHub. Configure a specific file size to define which files will automatically be sent via Z1 SecureHub to meet your individual requirements. Z1 MyCrypt is available as an add-in for common email clients such as MS Outlook and Lotus Notes as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Z1 MyCrypt BigAttach for MS Outlook

Send large files directly and securely via MS Outlook