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Confidential Business Communication
with secure email in B2B and B2C

Emails are the cheapest and most efficient means of communication. Yet many businesses still refrain from using emails for many use cases. A widespread uncertainty regarding email compliance and security is apparent. Many guides falsely inform their readers that there are cases and circumstances in which using emails is not allowed, but there is a strong distinction to make: Insecure emails for the transmission of personal data are not permitted according to the EU GDPR; however, encrypted emails are.

There is practically no written form of business communication that is legally restricted from being sent via email. The only condition is that they have to comply with necessary security standards. This can be ensured by choosing professional email encryption and signature solution for businesses.

Professional business email encryption solutions

In commercial environments, email encryption is extraordinarily complex and poses a hurdle rather difficult to take. The more diverse your communication topics, the more correspondents you have, the greater your demands on an email encryption solution for your business. The basic criterion for email encryption is that both parties use the same technology.

You need a highly automated key and certificate management for both your employees’ keys and those of your communication partners. An efficient encryption solution relieves your employees of additional effort, in both sending and receiving encrypted emails. Your employees should be able to recognize an email’s security status and actively select encryption when necessary. Just one click, and it’s done.

Certificate-based B2B email encryption

Adeptly master the challenge – key and certificate management

Encryption technology comes in several shapes and sizes. Keys and certificates (public certified keys) are commonly applied in a B2B environment. Both require real-time management for your own users as well as for your communication partners and they must be validated before each application. This means, managing your keys and certificates is a time factor in every single email. Increasing email traffic makes this impossible to manage manually. Manual management inevitably brings many errors along, thus endangering your communications to the point of total shutdown, when, due to errors, your emails are no longer encrypted or decoded. Relegating the sole management of secure electronic communication to your employees is both time-consuming and susceptible to error.

Business communication and private recipients – Meeting the demand

Encrypt emails to anyone at any time without email certificates

Secure email exchange with private recipients very rarely applies keys and certificates, which means businesses do not have this option for their email traffic with consumers. Therefore, businesses most often resort to classic mail when communicating with private recipients, a time and resource-consuming, slow, expensive enterprise. Well-conceived, systematic digitalization is a powerful asset when email encryption – including email exchange with private recipients – is a basic component of your digitalization strategy. Offering your inquiries, customers, patients, retainers, or applicants a simple, secure communication solution gives you a genuine, competitive advantage.

There is a great variety of communication needs in a B2C scenario. Some communications are one-off and do not require a response. Others lead to a steady, confidential exchange over an unspecified time span. Whichever it is, your employees should still be able to carry out secure encrypted email traffic over their usual email program.

Z1 Solutions for B2B and B2C communications

Z1 encryption solutions such as the Z1 SecureMail Gateway are best equipped to serve all secure electronic communication applications. You can be sure that our state-of-the-art email encryption solutions seamlessly integrate EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

  • Support for standard certificate-based encryption systems (S/MIME and OpenPGP).
  • Secure communications with small businesses or private recipients despite them not using encryption systems.
  • Full coverage of all your unique security and compliance specifications for your electronic communications. Automated rules adapt communications for explicit situations, for distinct users, for departments and groups, or securely blanket your entire company.
  • Highly automated, error-free, and efficient application of your security specifications.

Encryption and digital signatures safeguard the most diverse communication processes

Email encryption and signatures answer countless security and IT compliance issues. Whenever your data is transferred from A to B while maintaining its security and integrity, you should seriously consider the Z1 SecureMail Gateway solution. Whether the emails are sent and received automatically or manually, makes no difference. And should you have data content that is too large for email transfer, we have a secure data transfer solution Z1 SecureHub ready for you. You don’t need to know all the applications today that our Z1 solutions will cover for you in the future. You can expand your functions and user pool any time – your inquiry today is certainly a step in the right direction!

Z1 SecureMail Gateway – Your company’s solution for all email security and compliance challenges

Here are just a few examples:
  • Encrypted and signed mail traffic between your usual business partners with keys and certificates
    • Principal or supplier communications
    • Personal data transfer to service providers, EU GDPR compliant
    • Secure exchange with officials and authorities
  • Encryption with private recipients, who do not use encryption
    • Job applications/tenders, EU GDPR compliant
    • An email exchange between attorney and client
    • Doctor, hospital, and patient email traffic, EU GDPR compliant
  • Secure dynamically expandable communication in closed groups
    • Exchanges with associations or religious institutions (church related GDPR)
  • And countless other applications where your authenticity, integrity, and security are a priority

A small selection of Z1 SecureHub’s outstanding qualities:

  • Secure upload portal for business contacts and/or private customers, supports API integration
    • Submit bank or insurance contract documents
    • Submit offers/tenders
    • Upload production data for printers, prototype manufacture, CNC, 3-D printing, etc.
  • Secure download access to individual data for single users or mailing lists
    • Distribution of confidential sales documents, price lists, sales brochures, etc.
    • Data transfer for the health sector: medical findings, MRI data, x-rays, etc.
    • Data transfer to service providers
  • Secure bilateral data exchange
    • With service providers such as translation agencies
    • Video and graphic files for the arts sector
    • Construction project transactions with architects
    • Large documents between attorneys and clients

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