Z1 SecureMail Gateway product box

Mature and proven central email encryption and signing solution

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Z1 SecureMail End2End product box

End-to-end encryption for organizations, security on all routes, servers and devices

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Z1 SecureHub product box

Easy to use instant and highly secure file transfer solution

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key certificate meta search-engine

Z1 Global TrustPoint

Zertificon is the inventor and operator of Z1 Global TrustPoint, the independent and open certificate search engine. We provide this highly usable single point of trust for you to search, validate and publish x.509 certificates for S/MIME and public OpenPGP keys.

Validation and Certificate Search Engine
IT Security made in Germany TeleTrusT Quality Seal

Zertificon is proud to carry the “IT Security made in Germany” quality seal. We guarantee 100% trustworthy IT security solutions.

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