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Alternative to totemomail and Sophos UTM: Seamless migration to Z1 SecureMail Gateway

Z1 SecureMail Gateway as alternative to Sophos UTM & totemomail

Sophos UTM discontinuation & alternative solution for totemomail

The market for email encryption solutions is dynamic. Thus, product discontinuations and company acquisitions occur from time to time. Two recent examples are the companies Sophos and totemo.

Recently, Sophos announced the end-of-life for Sophos UTM, suggesting that their customers transition to a cloud-based SaaS solution. However, storing keys with providers can present compliance challenges for EU companies when the provider is located in the US.

After the acquisition of the Swiss company totemo, customers using their product totemomail are now being encouraged to switch to the US-based buyer Kiteworks. This has left those customers preferring a European provider with German support in search of alternatives.

Efficient email encryption for totemo and Sophos customers

If you’ve been with totemo (now Kiteworks) or Sophos and are currently seeking an alternative solution that offers the familiar security and ensures a smooth transition, you’re in the right place. Our proven email encryption solution Z1 SecureMail Gateway guarantees a high level of security and convinces with efficiency, which clearly stands out from your usual solutions. This is primarily achieved through highly automated certificate management and adjustable Z1 Policies that serve as central security guidelines.

What sets Z1 SecureMail Gateway apart from other email encryption gateways? In addition to managing your own email certificates, the gateway also ensures that certificates from your communication partners are available. As a reseller of various trust centers, Zertificon provides not just a technical interface but also facilitates a seamless procurement process for email certificates.

Employees usually don’t need to initiate a manual key exchange via signed email when using the S/MIME standard. The key exchange process happens automatically in the background powered by Zertificon’s own certificate portal, Z1 Global TrustPoint. The unlimited, easily configurable Z1 Policies enhance both efficiency and security. The central configuration of these security policies reduces the workload of employees. Encryption cannot be forgotten but happens automatically behind the scenes.

Keys and certificates management: A critical factor during migration

Switching to a new email encryption provider can often bring about uncertainty. Particularly, managing keys and certificates can be a challenging task. Customers want to ensure their sensitive information remains in the best hands. Additionally, it’s important that the migration process is as effortless as possible. Fortunately, migrating to Z1 SecureMail Gateway is a seamless process.

The migration process to Z1 SecureMail Gateway at a glance

Migrating to Z1 SecureMail Gateway is straightforward, and we’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Get in touch: Reach out to us to discuss your migration needs and to develop an individual plan.
  2. Transfer existing keys: You can transfer keys from either a totemo or Sophos instance to Z1 SecureMail Gateway.
  3. Smooth transition by simultaneously connecting to multiple trust centers: Z1 SecureMail Gateway automatically generates new keys and certificates. Meanwhile, existing ones are renewed as they near the end of their validity period. If you need to switch to a different trust center, we enable the parallel use of various trust center connections.
  4. Tests and validation: We test and validate all configurations before finalizing the migration, ensuring everything operates flawlessly.
  5. Seamless migration: Your email traffic will continue uninterrupted during the transition. However, please be aware that for a brief period of time, there might be a delay in email delivery on the day you migrate. 

Why Z1 SecureMail Gateway?

Z1 SecureMail Gateway not only offers proven security but also a smooth migration for totemo and Sophos customers. Here is how you will benefit from migrating to Zertificon:

  1. Continuous security – made in Germany: Z1 SecureMail Gateway is an established solution that operates at the highest security level. Our encryption software carries the seal Security Made in Germany. In addition, Zertificon usually meets BSI standards long before they are generally recommended.

  2. Significant efficiency improvements in certificate management: Switching to Z1 SecureMail Gateway brings clear advantages in certificate management. The procurement and management of email certificates, whether your own or your communication partners’, is significantly simplified.

    Simple configuration management in the web-based admin frontend: Many use cases can be realized through simple configuration in the web-based admin frontend. Z1 SecureMail Gateway offers a user-friendly interface for effortless adaptation to individual requirements.

Conclusion: More than just a replacement for Sophos UTM & totemomail

Not just different, but better: Zertificon offers totemo and Sophos customers not just a replacement, but an upgrade of their existing email encryption solution. By continuing to use your existing and future keys and certificates, we ensure that your email communication remains protected at all times.

If you need more information about migration or have any questions, please contact us.

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