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Which role does email encryption play in the EU GDPR?

GDPR email encryptionThe European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) demands the encryption of emails. Digital transmission of personal data may only be processed conforming to the principles relating to processing of data according to the EU GDPR chapter 2, article 5. It shall be taken into account that the protection of personal data must justify efforts and expenses.
Since email encryption is an automated and very efficient process when using a solution such as Z1 SecureMail Gateway, constructing a case in which the protection of personal data is outweighed by effort is extremely difficult. Data protection authorities and courts are also aware of this.
If you have no email encryption solution at your disposal, you need to rely on paper mail. If you send personal data by email, it must be encrypted.

Here are a few examples of what companies are not legally allowed to distribute by email unless they use an encryption solution:

  • attendance lists for events,
  • application data,
  • patient data,
  • legal documents,
  • payrolls for employees or accounting
  • order confirmations with sensitive data, such as by online pharmacies or sanitary suppliers

This is only a small excerpt of situations in which encryption is necessary.
Data protection is easy to establish with Z1 SecureMail Gateway. Even when there is only a low level of protection needed, efforts and expenses are quite reasonably met.

The EU GDPR is not something companies can postpone any longer. Customers enquire after data privacy and authorities do not turn a blind eye. With drastic fines they have the power to enforce data protection. The solution can be easy. Find out more about Z1 SecureMail Gateway and get in touch.

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