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Z1 SecureHub:
Secure file transfer for

Encrypt and transfer large files, easily and securely
Secure FTP alternative for companies – EU GDPR compliant

Z1 SecureHub encrypts large files for secure data transfer via the internet, enabling secure exchange of confidential data. Be it graphics, videos or whole databases, no matter what data format you want to exchange, our proven data transfer solution makes the process easy and secure. Z1 SecureHub protects your data from economic espionage and ensures data protection complying to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

IT security made in Germany seal – secure file transfer

Secure data exchange made in Germany

There are many providers of Managed File Transfer (MFT). Our focus lies on the protection of your data. IT Security made in Germany means real security with no backdoors. You alone have the sovereignty over your data. Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is, of course, ensured.

How does it work?

Secure large file transfer with Z1 SecureHub

Data is encrypted and stored in the company‘s own network

Send and receive large files securely

Z1 SecureHub, the business solution for secure file transfer, is an easy to use and secure FTP alternative.

Sending: Upload your files onto Z1 SecureHub through your browser and enter one or multiple recipients. Z1 SecureHub encrypts the data and sends an email with a download link to the recipient(s). Alternatively, copy this link and send it via other communication channels.

Receiving: In order to securely receive files, enter the email address of the person who you are expecting data from. Z1 SecureHub sends a message including an upload link to this email address. As soon as the data is uploaded, you receive a notification from Z1 SecureHub.

Data transfers through Z1 SecureHub are always encrypted and are stored in encrypted form in your infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud.

Secure data transfer for companies with Z1 SecureHub

Secure data transfer for companies with Z1 SecureHub

Simple to use data transfer software

Exchanging files with Z1 SecureHub requires no training whatsoever. It is very easy to use, both for your own employees and external users. 

Transfered data is listed in the user account. Send them to additional recipients anytime without reuploading the data. Received data can also be forwarded with a single click. Check whether and when which recipient downloads data. Send out reminders with a single click.

The interface and notifications are provided in English and German. More languages can be added.

Business Data Transfer Software – Monitoring dashboard

Monitoring in the administration display of the data transfer solution

Easy administration of the data transfer solution

Z1 SecureHub can be configured through the admin web interface. The user and permission management is very easy to operate. An LDAP interface is available for automatic synchronization. Alternatively, users can be imported individually or in bulk, or entered manually. Even external users can be given full user rights.

The administration interface allows access to detailed monitoring. It lets you track the status of uploaded data and view all user and admin actions. Those log files also serve as evidence of EU GDPR compliant data transfer.

Integration, API & MSSP suitability of the Z1 SecureHub data transfer solution

Data transfer that is quick to set up and runs smoothly

Z1 SecureHub is delivered as a complete system with the Z1 Virtual Appliance (VMware, Citrix Xen or Hyper-V). It is also available on Microsofts Azure Marketplace. The data transfer solution is quickly installed, easily virtually scalable and maintenance is very convenient. The machine is located on-premises in your own network or in the cloud. Other storage systems, from the cloud for example, can be connected, too. The connection to Z1 SecureHub always stays HTTPS-protected.

Z1 SecureHub can use existing antivirus solutions. Those can be connected through the ICAP interface.

APIs for integration with business portals and processes

The encryption solution for secure file transfer provides great business value as a standalone secure managed file transfer (MFT) solution. For an even greater business value REST APIs are available for integration of secure file transfer directly with your existing business portals.

Easy scalability – MSSP suitable data transfer solution

Z1 SecureHub can be deployed as a secure MFT service for MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers). Virtual Z1 SecureHub instances provide easy scalability for large user numbers.

Z1 MyCrypt with BigAttach function

Automated secure file transfer directly via Outlook

The BigAttach function of Zertificon’s Z1 MyCrypt enables secure, GDPR-compliant file transfer directly from the your email program. Encrypted delivery of large files is automatic via Z1 SecureHub with no required user action once a minimum size is configured. Z1 MyCrypt is available as an Microsoft Outlook add-in and iOS and Android apps.
MS Outlook Plug-in for Z1 SecureHub to send large files directly from your mail client

Send large files directly and securely via MS Outlook

Data transfer with Z1 SecureHub at a glance

  1. Simple and intuitive data exchange in the browser
  2. No end-user installation required
  3. Flexible security levels
  4. Encrypted data storage in the company
  5. Extensive user file management
  6. Can be integrated via REST-API
  1. Full user rights can also be set for external users
  2. Easy customization of the user interface
  3. Simple language adaptation
  4. GDPR Compliance
  5. Optional plugin Z1 MyCrypt BigAttach for securely sending large email attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook
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