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Email encryption for

universities and GÉANT members

Z1 SecureMail Gateway automates email encryption and signing
as well as the management of GÉANT certificates

Securing emails in education & research with less effort

For universities and research institutions with lots of staff and thousands of external contacts securing email communication can turn into a complex project. The complexity explodes with each additional email partner needing encrypted communication, particularly when it comes to managing certificates. The process of finding, validating and renewing email certificates not only consumes a significant amount of time but is also prone to human error.

By automating encryption and certificate management, Z1 SecureMail Gateway removes manual processes
and ensures emails are protected and GDPR-compliant whenever they need to be.

Centralized server solution
for all email accounts

Emails are automatically signed and encrypted according to centralized security rules.

Automate certificate

Minimize the administrative workload for IT staff. Reduce the number of support requests.

Less work for
university staff

Users can send emails just like they always do, without dealing with manual encryption tasks.

Exchange certificates
with contacts easily

Your own certificates are automatically published and made accessible to others.

How it works

Z1 SecureMail Gateway automates the complex processes of encryption and decryption, including the validation of certificates for all of your institution‘s email addresses. Outgoing emails are encrypted and signed, while incoming ones are decrypted and their signatures verified. If an email looks suspicious, it’s blocked and the person it was meant for is notified. All of this is done following central rules, which you can configure from an online admin interface.

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REST API for GÉANT certificates

Out-of-the-box integration with Sectigo / GÉANT TCS (REST API)

Member organizations that receive their S/MIME certificates from GÉANT TCS / Sectigo benefit from simplified certificate management through our Rest API for the Z1 SecureMail Gateway.

  1. Automated issuance, revocation and renewal of certificates for GÉANT TCS.
  2. No need for university members to be registered separately as Sectigo users. Users can be created in the Z1 SecureMail Gateway by importing them via CSV or synchronizing them directly from the Active Directory.
  3. Support for all types of certificates for secure S/MIME email communication.
Search email certificates on Z1 Global TrustPoint

Z1 Global TrustPoint – alternative to Sectigo/GÉANT LDAP 

Sectigo does not have its own directory for certificates, which makes it difficult for communication partners to exchange certificates. Z1 Global TrustPoint, our certificate portal, comes as a solution. The portal is a leading directory that aggregates email certificates from over 80 sources, including top certificate authorities and institutions such as the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The directory is public, so any organization can use it to publish certificates.

Users of Z1 SecureMail Gateway are directly connected to this directory. Their certificates are published there automatically and are easily accessible to all communication partners. When you sign or encrypt an email, the gateway will find your contact’s certificate from the directory, eliminating the need to search manually in many cases.

Email security for scientific collaborations worldwide

Securing emails and simplifying certificate exchange in international collaborations

Z1 SecureMail Gateway allows research and education communities to securely communicate by email with any contact, even beyond the GÉANT network. Z1 Global TrustPoint, our certificate directory, brings additional benefits: As it is freely accessible, universities and research institutions can publish certificates there and make them available to a wide audience. This simplifies the exchange of certificates for all communication partners, regardless of whether they use our gateway or not. This ultimately benefits all scientific collaborations worldwide.

If your contacts don’t have certificates, Z1 SecureMail Messenger provides a password-based alternative.

Implement email encryption in a simple and centralized way

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