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encrypt emails with customers and other end users

Email encryption without certificates & keys

Secure emails with private and business customers – EU GDPR compliant

Z1 SecureMail Messenger is a widely used, easily integrated solution for confidential email communication with contacts without keys and certificates. EU GDPR compliant direct exchange of personal data with data subjects is smoothly achievable with Z1 SecureMail Messenger.

secure email with end customers

When the recipient does not have keys and certificates

Here is how you communicate securely with end customers, patients, applicants, tenants …

Z1 SecureMail Messenger lets you encrypt emails with communication partners who aren’t equipped with a professional IT infrastructure—making it especially easy for your contacts because they don’t have to install any software. Z1 SecureMail Messenger messages can be decrypted anywhere in the world on any device, whether desktop, PC, or smartphone. Encrypted replies are also possible. This way, you can finally use email instead of snail mail for your exchanges with end customers, clients, patients, job applicants, tenants, and everyone else. And you fulfill all IT security, data protection, and data compliance requirements with verifiable proof at all times for your email communication.

… and business partners without a professional encryption solution

For exchanges with business partners who have not yet invested in encryption technology or those using technologies incompatible with recognized S/MIME and OpenPGP standards, Z1 SecureMail Messenger is an effective solution for spontaneous encryption. Z1 SecureMail Messenger is also a proven solution for international mail exchanges when governments do not support certificate-based encryption.

Deliver email as encrypted PDF

Z1 KickMail PDF: Password encrypted PDF attachments

Practical as a fallback or standard solution

Z1 SecureMail Messenger is often used as a fallback to certificate-based encryption with S/MIME or OpenPGP via the Z1 SecureMail Gateway. Outgoing emails to be encrypted are checked by the Gateway to determine whether a certificate exists for recipient addresses. If not, the message is automatically encrypted and sent via the Z1 SecureMail Messenger.

You can also set Z1 SecureMail Messenger as the default for all or part of your email communications. Additionally, you can enable your employees to trigger encryption themselves: Via user commands, they can determine if and with which method a message is to be encrypted.

Z1 Messenger provides three password-based email encryption technologies

exchange secure emails using secure webmailer.

Z1 WebSafe

HTTPS-secured web mailbox

exchange secure emails using encrypted HTML attachment

Z1 KickMail HTML

encrypted HTML attachment

exchange secure emails using encrypted PDF attachment

Z1 KickMail PDF

encrypted PDF attachment

All the password-protected delivery options are easy to use and offer an encrypted reply option directly from the web mailbox – ensuring a smooth communication flow.

With the accountless mode, you can also use encrypted emails without a reply option. This mode is convenient for delivering important documents, for example.

intuitive web interface for sending encrypted messages

Your communication partners can securely reply to your emails via the Z1 SecureMail Portal

High User Acceptance

…through intuitive use, a self-service portal, and a customizable web interface 

For your employees, nothing changes in terms of email processing. They send and receive emails directly via their familiar email program. And Message tracking keeps them updated about the status of sent emails.

With Z1 SecureMail Messenger, the recipient receives a sophisticated and intuitively usable secure communication tool. The available delivery methods are managed centrally by your administrator. Parallel use of the three options can also be useful: the recipient can independently choose and switch between delivery methods. We will be happy to advise you on the right solution for your specific situation.

The users themselves assign the password to decrypt confidential emails during account setup. The “forgotten password” function, which the user also operates, is available, of course – a user helpdesk is generally not required.

The Z1 SecureMail portal matches your brand colors

You can completely customize the Z1 SecureMail Messenger web interface with your corporate colors. Z1 SecureMail Messenger is not only a secure and GDPR compliant communication tool with your customers. You also make a valuable marketing investment that strengthens trust in your brand.

customizable frontend use your own Corporate design

… and accommodates all languages spoken by your communication partners

Z1 SecureMail Messenger comes in German and English. Other languages are available on request from Zertificon. Alternatively, you can conveniently add them yourself via the web-based administration interface. 

supports multiple languages, add your own without limits

Are you interested in our password-based encryption solution?

Send us your contact information via the inquiry form. We will get back to you as quickly as possible!

Securely forward encrypted emails to third parties 

with the Z1 SecureMail Messenger extension “TeamEncryption”

Securely forward encrypted emails to third parties

You create a secure email infrastructure for an entire group by simply sending an email with the Z1 SecureMail Messenger extension, “TeamEncryption.” Your employees can send encrypted emails to recipient groups of any size. All individuals who received your encrypted email via Z1 Messenger can immediately exchange encrypted emails not only with the sender but with all other recipients of the initial message.

Email encryption in the cloud or on-premises

Deployment in the cloud or on-premises

Z1 SecureMail Messenger is effortless to integrate into your email infrastructure. Want to use your own data center, the cloud, or a hybrid solution? Integrate with M365 or Google Workspace? We get you there easily. Z1 SecureMail Messenger comes as a Debian-based Linux Z1 virtual appliance. For more information about our Z1 Virtual Appliances, click here

Email encryption as a service with Zertificon’s Z1 Solutions

Would you like to operate Z1 SecureMail Messenger or email encryption in general as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)? We will be happy to put you in touch with one of our MSSP partners. They will provide you with full-service Z1 solutions. If you are interested, please leave a short note in the free text field of our inquiry form.

Hosted email encryption for SaaS companies
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