encrypt emails with customers and other end users

Email encryption without certificates & keys

Professional email encryption with customers

If the recipient does not have mail encryption keys or certificates

Email encryption with communication partners who aren’t equipped with a professional IT infrastructure is easily possible with Z1 Messenger. It simplifies and accelerates exchange with end customers, clients, applicants and other persons when fast and safe communication is necessary. In many of these cases email communication is only permitted when security is guaranteed. Especially since the inception of the EU GDPR in May 2018 there must be no personal data transmission without encryption.

Z1 Messenger offers a practical solution for encryption requirements for exchanges with business partners who haven’t yet invested in encryption technology, or who have failed to implement a solution to use that is compatible with the recognized standards S/MIME and OpenPGP.

encrypt emails with private users who do not have any encryption software, keys or certificates
deliver emails using  push or pull technology crypto PDF, HTML attchment or secure webmailer

Z1 KickMail PDF: An email has been turned into a password protected PDF attachment

Usable as fallback or standard solution

Z1 SecureMail Gateway with the Z1 Messenger component is often used as a fallback solution for certificate-based encryption with S/MIME or OpenPGP. When the policy for a user or an email says “Encrypt“ but Z1 SecureMail Gateway cannot find an encryption certificate matching the address of the recipient. the email will be automatically be encrypted and sent through Z1 Messenger.

You can also set Z1 Messenger up as standard encryption solution for your entire email communication – or only for specific users. Activating user commands for your staff allows them to decide if an email needs encryption.

Z1 Messenger supports the following push and pull technologies for password based email encryption

exchange secure emails using secure webmailer.

Z1 WebSafe

HTTPS secured webmailer

exchange secure emails using encrypted HTML attachment

Z1 KickMail HTML

encrypted HTML attachments

exchange secure emails using encrypted PDF attachment

Z1 KickMail PDF

encrypted PDF attachments

All password protected delivery methods are easy to use and ensure a fluid two-way communication by offering the possibility to send an encrypted response directly from the webmailer. Neither sender nor recipient need training for Z1 Messenger.

The accountless mode also lets you send encrypted emails as a single shot, without a reply option for the recipient. This is useful for the transmission of important papers, to name an example.

intuitive web frontend makes sending encrypted emails very easy

High User Acceptance

…thanks to intuitive usability, self-service portal and customizable GUI

Email communication doesn’t change for your staff. They will send and receive their emails as usual directly through their email program. They receive status information about sent emails through the message tracking.

With Z1 Messenger, the recipient receives an advanced and intuitively usable, secure communication tool. All available delivery methods are centrally managed by your administrator. The recipient can choose from the enabled options. During the initial setup of their account the user sets a password which they use to decrypt the confidential messages sent to them. They can reset and recover passwords in Z1 Messenger – a user help desk is not necessary.

Z1 Messenger Portal in your company colors

The Z1 Messenger web interface can be individually customized using the admin front end to match your corporate design. As a result, Z1 Messenger is not only a secure communication tool you share with your customers it also turns out to be a marketing investment.

customizable frontend use your own Corporate design

… and in all the languages of your customers and communication partners

English and German language text resources for both internal and external users are conveniently located on the web based administration interface and ready to use. Other languages can easily be added.

supports multiple languages, add your own without limits.

Z1 Messenger Extension “TeamEncryption”

protect email within a team or between project members from external companies.

TeamEncryption is the tool that allows you to set up a secure Z1 email infrastructure for an entire group. Your staff can send mails to an unlimited number of people. All individuals who received your encrypted email via Z1 Messenger can now exchange encrypted emails not only with the sender but with all of the other recipients of the initial message.