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Market Communication in the Energy Industry

EDI@Energy compliant exchange of EDIFACT transmission data,
Schedule Data Exchange and Redispatch 2.0 process via email

Energy Market Communications EDI@energy

The Act on the Digitization of the Energy Transition required the highest IT security levels for critical infrastructures (KRITIS). Building on this, EDI@Energy regulations on the safe exchange of EDIFACT transmission files for market communication in the energy industry have been in force since 2017. The latest regulatory additions include the introduction of both Schedule Data Exchange and the Redispatch 2.0 process. Version 1.5, valid from 01.04.2022, specifies, among other things, a minimum of 3072 BIT certificate key length as a secure data exchange requirement for market participants. However, The following remains unchanged: “If no agreement on a transmission channel is possible, email must be offered in any case“. Certificate management according to the applicable requirements is a major challenge.

Automated implementation of new communication requirements in the Energy Industry

The constant adaptation of specifications implies ongoing adjustments in the implementation phase. We support you by further developing the Z1 SecureMail Gateway Energy Module on schedule.

EDI@Energy change management certificate requirements etc. from 01.October or 01.April of a year

We offer more than the latest EDI-compliant algorithms for every regulatory update!

german edi energy email encryption and signing gateway

Our Easy. Secure. Encrypted. electronic communications claim is not fulfilled by only providing appropriate algorithms such as RSASSA-PSS for EDI-compliant emails. We go the extra mile, so you don’t have to. Previously, we have already implemented updated EDI@Energy regulations that require little to no effort for operators. All while ensuring automatic exchange of algorithms and keeping existing configurations intact. Zertificon’s Energy Module made it possible to implement the mandatory requirements on the specified deadlines with minimal effort during all update phases. Additionally, individual internal processes can be set up, enabling different configurations depending on the communication partner.

Regulatory adjustments to the safe exchange of EDIFACT transmission files will continue. And following the data exchange schedule and Redispatch 2.0 processes, we expect further EVU regulations to follow EDI@Energy best practices. Email remains the lowest common denominator in communication and will continue to be valid as a fallback solution. As such, you are always very well placed for secure communication in the energy industry with Zertificon. In addition to RSASSA-PSS or new key lengths, we always pay special attention to the usability and efficiency of your workflows. You can invest in a secure and carefree future in market communication with Zertificon.

EDI@Energy Functional Module:
Market Communication, Schedule Data Exchange and RD2.0 

The Zertificon Energy Module is available as an extension to the Z1 SecureMail Gateway. You can integrate the Module into your workflows and very efficiently implement all requirements:

  1. EDI@Energy-compliant signing and encryption of emails — for all message formats — using current valid algorithms and certificate specifications

  2. Compression for Redispatch 2.0 and Schedule Data Exchange 

  3. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting of your market communications

  4. Dedicated market partner Address Management with Access Governance

  5. Easy management of clearing cases with highly automated and configurable Alerting

  6. Automated retrieval of RSASSA-PSS signed certificates with a key length of at least 3072 bits from a certificate authority

  7. Automated update to current regulations for the transmission path

  8. High level of fail-safety can be implemented via clusters 

  9. Available for any infrastructure: On-premises or in the Cloud operation, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace integration

  10. You do not need to operate the solution yourself: available as SaaS via Zertificon’s MSSP partners

EDI@energy compliant communication and secure email with Z1 SecureMail Gateway

Z1 SecureMail Gateway: EDI@Energy communication and secure email

More than just market communication

Z1 SecureMail Gateway Energy Module can protect your office communication in addition to EDI@Energy market communication. Prevent cybercriminal attacks on your intellectual property and easily implement automated GDPR privacy compliance: the multi-tenant capability enables the parallel setup of different isolated use cases. Read more here.

Manage email certificates for market communication, RD2.0, and scheduling process

  • Convenient – own and third-party – manual certificate management
    (Import/Export including extended validation)
  • Timely and automated procurement of succession certificates
  • Parallel use of old and new certificates during the transition period of at least 10 working days
  • Convenient administration and search for foreign certificates of other market participants for 1:1 communication
  • Automated and compliant validation of certificates for decryption and signature verification
  • Automated publishing of own certificates in the market

Obtain EDI-compliant certificates automatically

The popular and convenient automatic certificate retrieval is possible for the energy industry via QuoVadis, just like for usual user or domain certificates. In order to ensure your compliance with EDI@Energy regulations on the transmission path in version 1.5, certificates with a key length of at least 3072 bits have been issued via the Energy Module since 01.04.2022.

You can also easily import certificates from a certification authority of your choice into the Z1 SecureMail Gateway.

EVU EDI@energy email certificates RSASSA-PSS signed - Quovadis Logo
EDI@Energie obtain and publish email certificates automatically. Search and validate market partners' certificates.

Clearing Cases

If the communication partner is not compliant …

With the Energy Module as an extension to the Z1 SecureMail Gateway, you can exchange data conveniently, automatically, and immediately at the appropriate validity time in compliance with the guidelines. If the other party is not compliant, i.e., does not adhere to the latest algorithm for encryption and signature, the communication does not have to be interrupted. By forwarding the message to a clearing case mailbox, it can be processed in a structured manner. You will be informed via alerts if clearing cases accumulate over a short period. This way, you do not lose valuable time resolving special incidents.

Alternatively, policies for dedicated market partner addresses can be configured to allow less stringent compliance enforcement. Fluent communication is thus ensured even in the event of minor non-compliance with the policy.

Energy companies trust Zertificon for secure email communications

Zertificon has always been the competent partner for all complex challenges in secure digital communication for energy companies. As early as 2004, energy providers were among the first customers to use Z1 SecureMail Gateway for encrypted email exchange and digital signatures according to the German Federal Network Agency requirements. Our Energy Module has satisfied our existing customers and won over many other energy companies, Metering Point Operators (MOPs), Distribution Network Operators(DNOs), and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) as new customers.

Why it pays to switch to Zertificon

Notably, new customers who switch to us from other solutions report their surprise at how Z1 SecureMail Gateway simply does its job in the background. Once set up, it just runs. Feedback showed: 80% less effort!

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“We made the right choice then and are very satisfied. Zertificon’s solution easily implements the market communication specifications. Operating the gateway requires little effort. Administration is simple, and new employees are trained quickly.”

Martin Rieger, IT Manager

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