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Z1 Cryptographic Module –
low-cost HSM alternative

Meets the requirements of the Certificate Policy  
for the Smart Metering PKI – with minimum cost and effort
Only available as an extension to the AS4 solution Z1 Energy MarketCommunication
Krytografiemodul für EDI@Energy nach Certificate Policy der SM PKI des Bundes
Schlüssel für AS4 Kommunikation

Security for private keys using Z1 Energy MarketCommunication for AS4

The Z1 Cryptographic Module handles the creation, storage and use of private keys for AS4 communication in a cryptographically protected area. As such, it meets the requirements for Security Level 1 for passive external market participants as specified in the Key Lifecycle Security Requirements according to the Certificate Policy of the Federal Smart Metering PKI (Version 1.1.2 – Section 6.2). The cryptography module is seamlessly integrated into Zertificon’s solution for the energy market Z1 Energy MarketCommunication.

Cryptographic Module

Even more benefits: Save time and cost on the Security Concept for Z1 Cryptographic Module

The Z1 Cryptographic Module offers passive external market participants an economical alternative to the Hardware Security Module (HSM). It also facilitates the creation of the Security Concept. While active market participants are required to undergo an ISO/IEC27001 audit when using an HSM, those employing the Z1 Cryptographic Module simply need to present an individually created security documentation.

If you decide for the Z1 Cryptographic Module, you can order the Security Concept from Zertificon.

For further insights, please refer to our blog post: Market Communication 2023: Do you need a Cryptographic Module or HSM as a passive external market participant (EMT)?

If you’re considering an HSM: We can integrate various HSM models with the Z1 Energy MarketCommunication. However, compatibility depends on the specific HSM model you are using. Please let us know, which HSM model you intend to use, so we can evaluate the technical specifications individually.

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