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Send electronic prescriptions to patients via email in compliance with GDPR

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Send electronic prescriptions to patients via email in compliance with GDPR

On 23 August 2022, the Schleswig-Holstein data protection authority stopped the long-awaited electronic prescription issuance plan.

The data protection commissioner of Schleswig-Holstein, Marit Hansen, prohibited the association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of Schleswig-Holstein (KVSH) from sending e-prescriptions as QR codes without appropriate email encryption. Encryption with Transport Layer Security (TLS) was deemed insufficient as well.

The requirement is security through state-of-the-art email encryption. Email exchanges with patients translate to solutions integrating password-based encryption technologies, such as Z1 HealthSecure.

How email encryption works for e-prescriptions

Email encryption is effortless for healthcare facilities, physicians, and patients alike. Any healthcare professional can continue sending emails as usual. On the other hand, the patient will receive an encrypted email containing the e-prescription QR code with no effort on their part.

With Z1 HealthSecure, recipients automatically get the associated password to decrypt the email via SMS or in a separate email, for example. They can open and print the email or scan the QR code from their phone directly at the pharmacy.

Creating an account for patients on long-term medication who regularly receive prescriptions eliminates new password transmission for every email. Additionally, with an account, patients can reset forgotten passwords themselves without needing a service desk.

Z1 HealthSecure for GDPR-compliant emails in the healthcare sector

Z1 HealthSecure is a trusted solution by many healthcare facilities. Medical facilities are well advised to invest in a secure and GDPR-compliant email solution, regardless of the in-house “KIM “system in use for communication in the healthcare sector. KIM is an information system network limited to the medical industry, and accordingly, it only serves a subset of communication cases.

Without email encryption, you would have to rely on paper mail to comply with GDPR requirements. And you can hardly reach patients by fax either, not to mention that it does not comply with data privacy.

Z1 HealthSecure is a secure investment for digital transformation and future business viability of medical practices and hospitals.

You can enjoy the benefits of cost-effective and scalable communication via email with all communication participants, whether doctors, health insurance companies, or patients with Zertificon—simple. secure. encrypt.

Talk to us to learn more about how Z1 HealthSecure can open your healthcare organization to all secure communication scenarios.

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