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“Z1 KickMail” via PDF: encrypted email exchange made easy

Berlin, 03. April 2007

Zertificon presents an optimized delivery function for email communication

Zertificon Solutions GmbH has now made it possible to send encrypted messages via PDF, simplifying considerably confidential email communication. This has been achieved by optimizing Z1 KickMail, the integrated delivery function for the email encryption solution Z1 SecureMail. This spontaneous-encryption function does not require the recipient to possess key management or additional software. This ensures that the highest levels of security are maintained, whilst keeping everything very simple for all users.

The Z1 KickMail function is a component of the email-encryption solution Z1 SecureMail from Zertificon, which signs and encrypts all outgoing mail. Up until now using Z1 KickMail meant that emails were sent directly to a recipient as a password-encrypted HTML attachment from Z1 SecureMail. Nearly all email-encryption solutions work in this way. Standard email programs such as Outlook, Lotus Notes etc. do not offer a function for decrypting password-encrypted messages. This results in the email having to go back to the outgoing mail server, where the password is also entered. In total the email has to go back and forth between the recipient and Z1 SecureMail three times.

In order to simplify this process, Zertificon has enhanced Z1 KickMail. The new solution converts the encrypted message and attachment into a PDF document, which simplifies the transfer of encrypted messages (128 Bit) to recipients. The attachment is then simply opened with a password. It can be read and then the file can be imported into a standard mail program with one click of the mouse. The advantage of the process is that the outgoing mail server is no longer accessed as everything is client based, and use is quick and easily understood. Requirements: the recipient requires a PDF reader. This enables the recipient to reply confidentially. The solution contains other advantages such as supporting electronic signature, the formatting and layout of PDFs (letter head, logo etc.). It also gives the recipient the chance to archive messages and does not require messages to be saved on the Z1 SecureMail outgoing server.

The solution can be implemented in various areas of industry. Organizations and businesses, ranging from lawyers to banks, can now communicate flexibly, simply and confidentially with their customers and business partners.