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Zertificon’s “Z1 SecureMail Messenger” with optimised sms facility for password transmission

Berlin, 09. November 2010

New software version enables secure e-mail communication via encrypted PDF or password-based web browser methods

The company Zertificon Solutions GmbH has released Version 2.8 of its “Z1 SecureMail Messenger”. In addition to several new functions designed to make the system more userfriendly, customers also now have access to an improved sms feature aimed at simplifying the forwarding of passwords. The feature makes for faster and more secure transmission of activation PINs. Simpler password handling and a still greater range of options are among the other features offered by the new version.

The main advantage of Zertificon’s “Z1 SecureMail Messenger” is that no PKI technology (PGP key or X.509 certificates) is required to communicate securely over the internet. The only requirement is access to Adobe Reader or a web browser: the e-mail encryption solution facilitates the exchange of electronic information using encrypted PDFs or a password-based method. The user is offered the choice of three alternative modes of delivery: Information can be exchanged via the “Z1 WebSafe” internet user interface; alternatively, information can be sent via e-mail (using “Z1 KickMail”) as encrypted HTML attachments – with decryption carried out via a web GUI; and the third option involves the sending of an encrypted PDF attachment with decryption carried out locally at the receiver end.

A simpler and more secure route for e-mail encryption

The “Z1 Messenger” offers hosting and multi-mandator capability as well as an extensive range of account management benefits. It is also capable of operating in cluster mode. New features offered in version 2.8 include a range of password-mode functions. Features such as “Simple Password Mail”, “Account Activation Link” and “Account Activation Link with Sender PIN” are now thus available. These functions cater for user preferences and are designed to enhance flexibility and improve security when forwarding passwords. The option of sending the activation PIN to the communication partner by text message rather than by telephone or fax link has also been improved. A range of features to assist configuration and management in all operating modes has also been implemented.

Zertificon managing director Herbert Nebel sums up the version 2.8 innovations: “In updating our “Z1 SecureMail Messenger”, we have managed to create an even greater level of password-management security, whilst at the same time easing the load on administrators and users. We have once again substantiated our guiding principle – e-mail encryption need not be complicated and can actually be achieved relatively simply.”