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Z1 Appliances

Secure and smooth operation for all Z1 Products

Zertificon’s Z1 virtual Appliance platform allows fast installation and easy efficient operation of Z1 solutions in virtual environments

easy administration and management of Z1 encryption software

Z1 Virtual Appliance –
optimized virtual machine for all IT environments

Z1 Appliance easy maintenance, One-click updates

Simple, efficient and economical operation

Access to Zertificon’s software repository as well as one-click updates and security fixes mean easy maintenance and low day-to-day operation cost. All standard procedures and maintenance tasks are easily perfomed with a few clicks using the browser based admin interface.

Operate multiple products in parallel

Z1 Solutions can be installed together on a single virtual appliance. For example, simply add a Z1 SecureMail End2End to an existing Z1 SecureMail Gateway to extend your system with the ability to encrypt emails on all routes through your intranet, on servers, and end devices.

Z1 Appliance Management Service

Z1 Appliance full service

We provide a full service guarantee for the complete Z1 Virtual Appliance system. This includes the hardened operating system and the Z1 Appliance Management Software which runs the web-based administration system.

Z1 Appliance Key Facts

browserbased easy administration and maintenance
  1. Low operational effort
  2. Simple, intuitive administration
  3. One-click software & security updates
  4. Hardened operating system
  5. IPv6 compatible
  6. Remote access
  7. Simple cluster management

Supported Virtualization Environments

Please note that these third party solutions are not provided by Zertificon and may be subject to charge.
All listed environments support NetHSM integration.


vSphere ESXI Hypervisor
≥ 6.7

Workstation Pro / Workstation Player
≥ 14.0

Citrix Xen

Free / Standard / Enterprise Edition
≥ 7.0

Microsoft HyperV

≥ 2016

Proxmox Virtual Environment

Proxmox VE
7.3.x, 7.4.x

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