Secure Platforms for Z1 Products

Z1 Appliances platform for email encryption gateway and secure large file transfer

Z1 Appliance Management Software

Easy Installation, Administration and Maintenance

for Z1 Products

Z1 Appliances and Virtual Machines for all IT environments

Z1 Appliances offer the optimal solution for easy, efficient and trouble-free operation of all Z1 Products for email encryption and secure large file transfer with seamless integration into common IT infrastructures.

Simple and economical operation

Z1 Appliances are ready for out-of-the-box deployment. The installation and basic configuration is performed using the pre-configured USB stick. Access to Zertificon’s software repository as well as One-Click updates and security fixes mean easy maintenance and low day-to-day operation cost.

Operate multiple products in parallel

Z1 Products can be installed together on a single appliance. For example, simply add a Z1 SecureMail End2End to an existing Z1 SecureMail Gateway to extend your system with the ability to encrypt emails on all routes through your intranet, on servers, and end devices.

Z1 Appliance full service

We provide a full 3 year full service guarantee for the complete Z1 Appliance system. This includes the hardened operating system, the web-based administration system and of course the actual hardware appliance.

Z1 Appliance Key Facts:

Z1 Appliances platform for email encryption gateway and secure large file transfer
  • High performance hardware
  • Hardened operating system
  • Web-based management
  • Z1 Total Customer Care Service
  • Low operational effort
  • Simple, intuitive administration
  • One-click software & security updates
  • IPv6 compatible
  • Supports virtual appliances for VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V

Select your Z1 Appliance

Model Recommended for
SMA 500 Test, demonstration, development and staging system, affordable productive system for smaller projects
SMA 700 Economy-Production platform for SME & SoHo environments
SMA 1000 Productive system for organizations with average to high load volume and average user numbers
SMA 2000 High end system for enterprise and ASP environments with high email volumes, large number of uses and high availability requirements.
SMA V Ideal for all deployment environments with virtualization for example VMware, Xen and Hyper-V.

Technical Details

The hardware appliances are built using DELL systems. Every platform combines high performance with reliability and quality. All hardware platforms are equipped with redundant hot-pluggable hard drives and power packs. Alongside the standard features, the appliances can be extended with multi-terabyte RAID disks which are recommended for applications with high data storage requirements such as Z1 SecureHub or Z1 WebSafe. The SMA 700 is the ideal solution for cost conscious SoHo and SME clients. The new G-Series platform SMA-500 with RAID disks is highly recommended for small solutions with higher data protection requirements.

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