easy email encryption gateway solution for small businesses - SMB / SME

Complete Email Encryption Solution for SMB/SME up to 50 Users

Whether you are a doctor and need to send patient data securely via email or you are an attorney who needs to exchange sensitive data with clients and officials or if you are in contact with a large enterprise asking you to encrypt – with Z1 SecureMail Easy you found the right solution! Z1 SecureMail Easy is your secure communication solution for the electronic exchange of personal data according to the EU GDPR. For differences between “Easy” and Z1 SecureMail Gateway see our product comparison table.

Secure emails with business partners and end customers

With Z1 SecureMail Easy you write your emails as usual, but they automatically are delivered as password-encrypted PDFs that look like emails or alternatively via a secure Z1 Messenger email account. Z1 SecureMail Easy also features a confidential email answer functionality for your contacts.

To exchange emails with contacts who already use professional encryption solutions with S/MIME certificates or OpenPGP keys, choose Z1 SecureMail Easy with PKI technology.

Your advantages at a glance

  • confidential emails with business partners and end customers
  • compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • easy installation & administration
  • automated email encryption & decryption
  • automated signing & signature validation

Z1 SecureMail Easy – Minimum Technical Requirements

  • personal domain, no freemailer addresses (e.g. gmail.com or yahoo.com)
  • personal mail server either local (on-premise) or cloud-based (e.g. Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite) to set up routing
  • dedicated line / fixed IP address to use full range of functions (limited functionalities for DSL customers)

If you do not meet the minimum requirements yet, for a start we recommend Z1 CryptNow our free encryption tool for individual users.