Product Comparison

Z1 SecureMail Easy and Z1 SecureMail Gateway

Z1 SecureMail… Easy Gateway
> 50 Email Addresses
Main Features
Password Encrypted Emails
(incl. Z1 WebSafe, Z1 KickMail PDF, …)
Email Encryption/ Decryption
Digital Signatures / Verification
Central Security Policy Management
Management of internal and external Email certificates
(User, Group, Domain)
Additional Features (optionally available – at additional costs)
(High Availability, Scalability, …)
Multiple Tenants
(different policies, admins, logs, …)
CA Integration for internal keys
(incl. OnboardCA)
Automated Trustcenter Connection
Secure Key Storage on netHSM
ERP Connector
(Synchronisation User / Groups with AD, LDAP, IDM, …)
Internal Email Protection
End-to-End Email encryption
Z1 Virtual Appliance (VMware,Citrix Xen, Hyper-V)

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