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Business Challenge:
fast and secure large file transfer

secure file transferFor exchanging data and information in a business environment emails are considered to be the de facto standard based on their efficiency and fast delivery.
But when it comes to sending larger files such as construction plans, reports, presentations or media files such as videos, email quickly reaches its limits.
Both mail servers and mail boxes do not usually accept large files. The size of file attachments is often limited to less than 10 MB.

This is particularly problematic, when highly confidential or sensitive data needs to be transferred. Even if your company is already using an email encryption solution, you still have to cope with two challenges: you not only have to find an alternative for delivering your larger files, but you also have to encrypt them.

The question of security during up- and downloads as well as for data at rest is highly relevant. Many documents contain highly sensitive corporate information and could easily become a target for industrial espionage. Therefore it is important that files are not transferred in plain text or cached on unprotected servers.

Which solutions exist to provide the secure transfer of large files?

It is quite possible to encrypt data on CD and DVD. Unfortunately the exchange of a physical storage medium is quite slow, compared to the exchange via the Internet. This approach is not suitable for today’s business world where data needs to be immediately available. FTP servers are fast enough, but neither user friendly nor secure by design. Secure FTP alternatives are needed to provide confidential data transmission.

Under the label Managed File Transfer you will find a wider range of solutions for various needs: even sophisticated collaboration suites with virtual data rooms and version management. You are truly spoilt for choice. You need to ask yourself: what are your true requirements for day-to-day business? Is security a crucial factor? Do you really need a complex collaboration tool or actually a secure FTP alternative?
In case your focus is on secure, directly available and easy to use, you should definitely take a look at our secure managed file transfer solution Z1 SecureHub.

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