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„Z1 SecureMail Easy“: Email encryption easy handling

Berlin, 12. March 2007

Brand new solution for secure communication available for SOHOs and those with a small budget

Zertificon Solutions GmbH brings you the unique “Z1 SecureMail Easy 1.0”, a brand new member of Zertificon’s successful email-encryption product range. It is unique because it has been especially developed for SOHOs, now enabling small businesses and home offices to obtain a professional email-encryption solution that is simple to use and is at an affordable price. Zertificon offers different variants of Z1 SecureMail Easy, making it possible for the user to easily exchange encrypted emails with all email contacts.

As a general rule, email encryption requires public keys or certificates, which have to be obtained from an email certificate authority (CA), in order to be able to exchange encrypted emails. This acquisition is, however, normally too complex for end users and also poses companies certain challenges, such as training employees or creating and using PKI etc. This new Zertificon solution distinguishes itself by enabling a browser-based message exchange using Z1 Kickmail or Z1 Websafe. These functions guarantee encrypted email communication using a “secure web post-box” and are suited for contacts without S/MIME, PGP certificates or keys. This product is aimed at, amongst others, management consultancies, law firms, accountancies, as well as health care departments etc, which are all required by law (data protection act) to guarantee secure and confidential email traffic and whose clients, as a general rule, do not possess a security infrastructure.

Zertificon also offers an enhanced version of Z1 SecureMail Easy that additionally or exclusively uses S/MIME and PGP functions, enabling encrypted email traffic with business contacts that possess valid X.509 certificates or PGP keys. External certificate management is available worldwide for all users by using Zertificon’s unique Z1 Global TrustPoint (www.globaltrustpoint.com). In addition communication partners can easily find Z1 SecureMail Easy customer certificates there.

A further virtue of this solution is that the appliance is in book-PC format. That means it is a manageable size and does not require 19 computer-centre cupboard units. In addition the pricing is also simple. Z1 SecureMail Easy incl. software, hardware and one year’s customer care is available for a combined price of €1290.00 (e.g. 5 users).