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Patented email encryption solution for exchange with contacts without certificates

During your search for an email encryption solution, you may come across information giving the impression that Zertificon is infringing an existing patent with its solution for spontaneous password-based email encryption. You can put this information directly under the “Fake News” section.

Here is the fact check

The patent in question belongs to Swiss Post and dates back to 2003. It describes a now inadequate technological option for email encryption without certificates. Sender and receiver technical requirements have changed significantly since 2003. Back then, it was vital to keep data packets small to avoid annoying users with long loading times. Browsers had far fewer functions: Firefox was in its infancy, Chrome was not developed yet. The world was using Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6.0, and mobile Internet and smartphones were not yet invented. Today, on the other hand, emails are predominantly read on smartphones, especially by end consumers.  email encryption patents over time
Technical development is progressing steadily – 2003 technology is now obsolete.

Email encryption with recipients without certificates must meet today’s user requirements

At Zertificon, we have always prioritized having our finger on the pulse of time, using the latest technologies, and supporting customers in their email environment. Software development based on a soon-to-expire, almost 20-year-old patent from 2003 would not allow us to offer modern and efficient solutions. Our Z1 SecureMail Gateway enables spontaneous encrypted communication with any contact, with or without certificates on any end device – without infringing any patent, of course. Feel free to contact us and find out why more than 25% of the TOP 100 German companies with the highest turnover already rely on Zertificon to secure business email. We also have the right solution for you. Still unsure? Ask your source for a written statement. You will see that no one will put these allegations in writing. Concerns about the consequences of provable spreading of false claims are too high under competition law.

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