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Zertificon in the Cyber Defense Magazine: End-to-End Encryption for Emails

CRM End-to-end EncryptionSecure Email Gateways can ensure that emails are delivered securely from the employee’s computer right to the recipient. For organizations, companies, and public agencies that do not use mobile end devices and do not have any secrets to hide from their mail server admins, a secure email gateway is all they need.

Our CEO Dr. Burkhard Wiegel explains in the Cyber Defense Magazine how all others can protect emails in transit and at rest with Organizational End-to-End combined with Personal End-to-End.

Title: End-to-End Encryption for Emails. An Organizational Approach

Author: Dr. Burkhard Wiegel (Founder and CEO of Zertificon Solutions GmbH)

Published in November 2015 in Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM)

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